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Elevated Joggers: How We’re Dressing Them Up

Sallie Tie Dye Jogger Pants
beige cargo jogger pant
green high waisted jogger pant

Now that loungewear, sweatpants, and joggers have become wardrobe staples across the globe, it’s time to consider what happens when it’s time to get out and about. We all appreciate how comfortable joggers are, but is there a way to elevate them for work, school, and other occasions? At Crescent, we’re here with the answers about dressy jogger-style pants. Explore our tips to elevating your joggers and dress to impress even when you’re feeling comfy and cozy!

1. Luxe Materials

Most people are used to seeing joggers in spandex, nylon, and sweatshirt fabrics, but what if you could wear joggers in linen or satin-style materials? That’s exactly how we chose to elevate some of our dressy jogger-style pants for a whole new vibe. By swapping the fabric-blends, all of a sudden, even the most casual cut becomes more professional. Linen, satin, or leather also add an element of texture to your outfit, so you can keep your formal jogger pants neutral with a little contemporary twist.

2. Blousy Tops

Since we’re used to wearing joggers with workout tees or other basic tops, take your outfit to the next level with a blouse or cardigan. A more professional silhouette on top can completely change the casual energy of your bottoms without any additional effort. Keep your look simple and chic when you pair printed blouses and knit cardigans with black or beige joggers. You can even throw on a slouchy blazer to give your ensemble a little more life.

3. Add Heels

grey formal dressy jogger pant
tan satin dressy jogger pant

Everyone knows that heels are the go-to way to elevate any look. Throw on your favorite loungewear set or a pair of dressy jogger-style pants and finish off the ensemble with a kitten heel, mules, or booties. Whichever shoe style you prefer, adding just a couple of inches can make a massive difference.

4. High-Waisted

We love the high-waisted look and adding it to the jogger style is a great way to make it a little chicer. With a high waist and a tie-around sash, any basic jogger transforms into formal jogger pants. Other ways to create a more elevated look in a jogger pant include pleats across the front, folded cuffs at the hem, and hidden pockets. Even with these additional embellishments, you’re preserving the original jogger silhouette but giving it a contemporary twist.

Joggers at Crescent

The team at Crescent loves a minimalist, comfortable style that’s versatile enough for every occasion. We want you to be able to go from the couch to the office to a lady’s night — without having to change three times in a day. Our dressy jogger-style pants are one solution to finding flexible clothing that you can easily dress up or down. Explore our newest styles to find the perfect fit!

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