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Crescent Blog

Want to know what’s new in the world of minimalist fashion? Read our minimalist fashion blog today! We break down the latest ethical fashion news, tips, tricks, and advice so you can learn to stay chic the Crescent way.

Elevated Joggers: How We’re Dressing Them Up

Now that loungewear, sweatpants, and joggers have become wardrobe staples across the globe, it’s time to consider what happens when it’s time to get out and about. We all appreciate how comfortable joggers are, but is there a way to elevate them for work, school, and other occasions? At Crescent, we’re here with the answers about dressy jogger-style pants. Explore our tips to elevating your joggers and dress to impress even when you’re feeling comfy and cozy!

Four Modern Loungewear Sets To Obsess Over

Modern loungewear is completely different from the styles that we saw years ago. Today, it isn’t unusual to see women’s two-piece loungewear sets that you can wear out and about. At Crescent, we love loungewear and matching sets, so combining them together was only logical. If you’re looking for new contemporary loungewear to love, check out our favorite styles today.

woman posing in front of a mirror

Refined Style: Spring Outfit Inspiration

If you think investing in versatile, timeless clothing is important, you need minimalist styles to achieve your goals. Lay the foundation to a classic, effortless wardrobe with a few essentials before building seasonal looks to carry you through the year. After investing in high-quality neutral must-haves, adding elegant silhouettes in current spring styles is easy. Explore some of our top spring outfit inspiration today, including knit separates, elevated basics, and more.

professional woman with computer and water

Chic Business Casual Work-From-Home Outfits

With so many people now part of the remote work world, the rise of office casual wear at home has been astronomical.

A Minimalist Lifestyle

We created our blog to tell you everything you need to know about the simple and effortless minimalist lifestyle. We write to the woman who wants to simplify her wardrobe (and life) to focus on chic, timeless design. Our styling experts make sure that you stay up-to-date on the latest fashion news, info, and trends. Our minimalist fashion blog helps you learn how to become your best, clutter-free self. From articles on great minimalist color palettes to tips on crafting the perfect capsule wardrobe, we help you turn your craving for simplicity into a full-blown lifestyle.

Why We Love Minimalism

At Crescent, we want to share our love of minimalism with the world, but maintaining a minimalist lifestyle in this day and age is definitely not easy. Society is constantly encouraging us to follow fleeting trends and chase the next big thing. At Crescent, we want to do things differently. We want to show you how to join our movement. Our minimalist fashion blog is all about transforming the world into a cleaner, simpler place, one reader at a time.