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model wearing a brown co-ord blazer and pant set

Co-Ord Sets: An Effortless Trend

If you’re looking for an effortless way to get ready that still exudes sophistication, co-ord sets are the key to your success. Whether you’re trying to distance yourself from the loungewear that became your uniform over the last two years, or you’re looking for an easier way to create a complete wardrobe where you can seamlessly mix and match nearly everything, coordinating outfit sets are the right choice. Discover how coordinating sets can transform your wardrobe!

Benefits of Co-Ord Sets

There’s no doubt that coordinated outfit sets have become a global fashion phenomenon. We’re not surprised by the trend, as these convenient pieces have so many benefits, including:

  • Easy to create an outfit
  • Makes mixing and matching a breeze
  • Generally made with ultra-comfortable fabrics
  • Ideal for capsule and compact wardrobes
  • Comes in tons of unique colors, prints, and styles
  • Helps you feel put together without wasting hours in front of a mirror

People today are constantly looking for versatility and convenience in their clothing, and co-ord sets deliver.

Crescent Coordinating Sets

model wearing a beige three-piece co-ord set model wearing an orange linen co-ord set model wearing a black satin skirt co-ord set

At Crescent, we’ve always loved sets, but our focus is even more flexible and mindful when it comes to our clothing. As you explore our collection of two and three-piece outfits, you’ll notice plenty of neutral tones, minimalist designs, and classic silhouettes. Whether it’s one of our blazer and shorts sets or a cropped top and long skirt set, you’ll find outfits for every occasion in our selection. From resort wear-inspired styles to date night-ready looks, we have everything you need to transform your wardrobe with co-ord sets.

Styling Sets

Because we’ve chosen such a neutral color palette, our coordinated sets are even more versatile than many others out there. They’re easy to accessorize with your go-to jewelry and shoes before heading out the door. But, you can also use coordinated outfits as a base for more complex layered looks. You already have two pieces in identical materials and colors, so now, it’s time to introduce those contrasting styles to really make them pop. Choose the perfect top to wear under our blazer set, or throw on your favorite pair of pants with a cardigan and blouse set.

Revolutionize Your Style

Matching sets are nothing new, but the way Crescent does them is all about you. Every piece in our collection is thoughtfully designed to enhance and elevate your natural beauty. Shop our co-ord set styles to find the pieces that fit your life and discover a whole new way to create put-together looks that exude elegance and ease.

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