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model wearing an asymmetrical knit top with jeans

How to Build a Timeless & Classic Wardrobe

Choosing what we will wear each day should be one of the easiest and most fun decisions we will make. Unfortunately, for many of us, this choice is frustrating and limiting. We either have too many choices or not enough of them. To resolve this headache, many turn to creating a wardrobe or capsule wardrobe. By simplifying your closet, your daily decision on what to wear is less overwhelming.

The concept is simple, but the execution can become complicated quickly. If you’ve found yourself asking how to build a timeless wardrobe and are struggling to understand how, we’ve got you covered. Snag a few (or all) of these tips, and you’ll be effortlessly fashion-forward every time you step out of your closet.

Focus on a Signature Color

Everyone has a color they feel the most confident and vibrant in. Also known as a power color, it is a psychologically proven way to elevate your mood by simply wearing a favorite color. Indicate which shade you are most excited to include in your wardrobe, and designate it as your signature. For some, this may be a vivid magenta to express themselves, while others feel their best in a sage green or another demure hue. 

Wondering how to build a timeless wardrobe when you prefer to have more than one signature color? Choose a color family, such as warm, cool, or blue, to give yourself more variety. If you enjoy wearing color more often, this approach will be a great fit for your fashion personality.

Choose clothing in your signature color in one or two items, such as a skirt or accent in a design on a blouse, so that it’s visible but does not overwhelm your look. Also, infuse this signature color into your earrings, necklaces, and other accessories.

Choose a Distinct Theme

model wearing a blue sweater dress

While most think that only having neutral items and neutral colors is how to build a classic wardrobe, it is not the only way. Many of the most fashion-forward people have chosen a theme to tie their clothing collection together. Like a signature color, a specific theme contributes to your individual taste. 

For example, pursuing an 80s theme will help streamline your choices towards cropped items, more generous legroom with bell bottoms and wide-leg pants, and strong shoulder accents. Alternatively, a 50s-inspired wardrobe would incorporate more skirts and flowing dresses. 

Your theme is meant to be a guide to shopping, not a requirement. As you learn how to build a timeless wardrobe and you build out your collection, you may find your theme is a great baseline to begin with. From there, your choices can venture from the theme but still feel connected to your staple wardrobe.

Invest in Higher Quality Fabrics

It is no secret that fast fashion struggles to maintain longevity and ends up leaving shoppers with undesirable gaps in their closets. At Crescent, we focus on durable and sustainable fabrics to offer a better return on your investment. Ideally, incorporating long-wearing items that are comfortable and fashion-forward is the best way how to build a timeless and classic wardrobe. You can add environmentally friendly purchases effortlessly with eco-conscious fabrics like flax linen and natural cotton that also perform well over time and still look chic with every wash. Well-made materials look and move better than cheaper materials, and the clothing will reflect its quality.

Never Underestimate the Power of Neutrals

model wearing a neutral knit top with cream corduroy pants

The easiest universal method to complete an elevated collection is to begin with neutrals. The familiar tones of black, white, beige, and navy are a great foundation. Shades such as charcoal gray, olive green, and off-white are also considered neutrals. They do not create a focal point in an outfit and complement other colors well. 

Looks that are composed of neutral colors will always be eye-catching and pleasing to the eye. To have an easy and fashion-forward look every day as you perfect how to build a timeless wardrobe, simply utilize the timeless color family of neutrals.

Decide On One Unique Piece That Stands Out

Similarly to including a signature color, your wardrobe can have a power piece that is your go-to for making a statement. Whether you’re attending an event, traveling, or on a date, your unique piece will round out your look. 

For some, this looks like a chic mini dress with pleats that work perfectly for fun and festive outings. For an understated look, a wrap skort is a bohemian yet elegant focal point.

Utilize Accessories For a Shifting Style Season

When you’re figuring out how to build a timeless and classic wardrobe, and you wish to adapt to the seasonal trends in clothing or desire to stay connected to developments in fashion, invest in accessory changes. Earrings, bracelets, and rings are simple statements that can gently nod to the current focal points with designers. 

Your bag is also a changeable accessory that can feel modern with a few color, material, or bag charm changes. Shoes are another shiftable choice that can bring a classic wardrobe to the modern day in seconds: loafers, flats, heels, and boots can all be used throughout the year to match your style needs.

Build Your Ideal Wardrobe with Crescent

For more tips on how to build a timeless wardrobe that fits your style and personality, check out our blog. Then, explore our wardrobe essentials to find the perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe! Free U.S. ground shipping for orders over $75 when you shop with us today.

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