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model wearing an oversized brown blazer

The Art of Styling Blazers

At first glance, blazers may seem limited to professional spaces and meetings. While these structured jackets can certainly take on a more formal tone, many women style their blazers in a casual and laid-back manner. Discover the art and beauty of styling blazers with Crescent!


Before putting together a blazer outfit, the first variable to consider is the fit. The silhouette of your blazer will have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your outfit. Oversized blazers are much more casual with a slightly baggy look, similar to boyfriend jeans, while fitted blazers can feel sleek and sophisticated. One of our favorite styles, which is a more contemporary take on the traditional blazer, is the cropped blazer. This style is an unexpected yet stylish choice that can offer an effortlessly polished look with added interest.

model wearing a brown matching blazer short set

How to Style a Casual Blazer

To embrace the casual blazer style, start with an oversized fit. The looser size will work well with a more laid-back outfit. Not sure what to wear underneath an oversized blazer? Our favorite layering pieces range from a crop top or cami to a sweater or blouse. A sleek dress will even make a great layering piece for your oversized outfit. When styling blazers for casual looks, the key is to experiment. Don’t be afraid to try layering a blazer with an unexpected look. That juxtaposition can be the thing that takes your outfit from good to great.

model wearing an oatmeal matching blazer and trouser set

How to Style a Formal Blazer

Styling a formal blazer might come easier for you since blazers are typically more formal pieces. To start, choose a fitted or more structured fit, which will instantly dress up any outfit. You can also experiment with belted or cinched blazers to add visual interest and accentuate your curves. When thinking about what to wear underneath a formal blazer, go with timeless, classic silhouettes for an instantly chic look.

For a strong business look, pair your blazer with matching wide-legged trousers and heels. For non-professional settings, try layering a sleek slip dress or jumpsuit under your blazer, or mix up a traditional suit by wearing a matching blazer and pants with a crop top.

Styling blazers for more formal events or spaces is all about pairing the beautiful lines of a blazer with your formal outfit.

model wearing a plaid blazer


The fabric of your blazer can greatly affect how you style it. Plaid and houndstooth patterns are classic and traditional for blazers. They evoke a professorial feeling and can make any outfit feel smart. Leather or vegan leather adds a bit of edge to your outfit. Looser fabrics, like linen or cotton, create a more casual and less structured look. These fabrics are great for spring and summer when you don’t want heavy layers.

model wearing a houndstooth blazer

Learn the Art of Styling Blazers

Blazers are beautiful garments that can be used in so many different ways. Start creating unique, striking outfits that showcase your sophistication with these methods. 

At Crescent, we create well-made, thoughtful clothes that stay in style for years to come. Browse our collection of minimalist blazers to find stunning pieces you can keep in your closet season after season.

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