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model wearing an orange satin midi dress

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding: Crescents Ultimate Guide

As the peak wedding season, many people are realizing they have to plan summer wedding guest outfit ideas for more than one occasion this year. If you’re planning to attend a wedding in the warmer months, you might be wondering what to wear to a summer wedding.

Is there a dress code? What fabrics are going to keep you from sweating? Are there certain colors and prints you must consider to ensure you’re on the best-dressed list? Crescent has all the answers you need, including silhouette, fabric, and color options for every type of event.

Explore our list of wedding attire recommendations to find the right choice for the next wedding on your list!

1.Keep it Airy

Summer is known for its heat, so when considering what to wear for a summer wedding, the fabric is key. Look for lightweight and breathable to ensure you have something that can withstand the sun during the ceremony and tons of dancing as the evening progresses. Breezy fabrics are especially important if you need to wear a full-length gown in a hot and humid climate.

Some fabrics that can help keep you cool and elevate your look include charmeuse, crepe, and viscose with a satin-style look. You can also explore linen and lightweight cotton fabrics with elegant details for a breathable material in a sophisticated design.

2.Short & Sweet

model wearing a pink satin mini dress

Another solution for warm-weather weddings is a rising hemline. If the wedding doesn’t have a formal or black tie dress code, you can wear a shorter dress that keeps you from overheating.

For this summer wedding guest outfit idea, you can keep your style from looking too informal by choosing styles with lacy applique, sheer accents at the neckline, midi-length hemlines, and pleated details.

3.Open Backs

Another of our favorite ways to keep cool is with a look that shows off more of your skin. If you’re wondering what to wear to a summer wedding without exposing your legs, how about a dress that shows off your back? When short skirts or cut-out styles are not part of the dress code, a backless design solves your dilemma.

Whether it’s a jumpsuit or a dress, look for cuts that deliver crisscrossed straps, a full backless look, or unique cut-outs.

4.Bright Patterns

Wondering what patterns to wear for a summer wedding? Florals with bright colors are a classic choice and an ideal go-to for your outfit formula. Maybe you love a chiffon maxi dress that has mini bright blue, white, and pink flowers on a navy background. Or, you might consider something oversized and abstract to stand out among the other florals in the crowd.

You can also ensure your date is dressed to match with a button-up shirt or pocket square in the same vibrant design as your dress.

5.Accessorize with Natural Details

model wearing a midi summer dress in natural materials

What to wear for a summer wedding isn’t the only question to consider as you plan. You’ll also need to think about accessories that balance your look while keeping it summery. Natural fabrics and botanical details make everything a little more seasonally appropriate for shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Summer footwear may include sandals, wedges, or kitten heels. You’ll also want to think about a structured handbag made from materials that are similar to your dress for a more cohesive, minimalist style. Finally, you may want to consider summery jewelry pieces like pearls.

Location Determines Style

If your invitation doesn’t specify a dress code, the location will help you determine what to wear for a summer wedding. A big, glamorous venue likely means a black-tie event, while a low-key beach wedding invites a more laid-back style. You might even be invited to a chic restaurant or club for the event, which allows you to experiment with cocktail dresses and other semi-formal ensembles.

Shop Now for Summer Looks

Even if it’s not summertime quite yet, you’ll want to start shopping now for your warm-weather weddings. Planning ahead will take the anxiety out of deciding what to wear for a summer wedding. Explore the collection at Crescent for seasonal styles that keep you elegant while ensuring you're comfortable in the hottest environments.

Looking for something specific? We’re happy to help! Reach out to our team for more personalized guidance.

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