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Chic Business Casual Work-From-Home Outfits

With so many people now part of the remote work world, the rise of office casual wear at home has been astronomical. While many people are tempted to wear pajamas and loungewear all day long, some companies still enforce a dress code for their telecommuting employees — especially if they have to appear in video calls and meetings. If you’re working virtually and looking for a chic work-from-home outfit that looks professional and is easy to throw on, check out the top ideas for Crescent’s business casual wear for ladies.

1. Wide-Leg Pants & Sweater

One of our favorite work-from-home outfits is a wide-leg trouser with a minimalist sweater. A neutral color palette allows you more flexibility to mix and match while adding a timelessness that is appropriate for all work environments. These wide-leg pants will add comfort while keeping your outfit professional. Top it off with a knit sweater with unique cable patterns or a black and white graphic design. Some simple jewelry to complete this look.

2. Relaxed Dress & Blazer

woman wearing a black satin slip dress
woman wearing a plaid blazer

Some dresses walk the line between work-appropriate and everyday casual. The perfect remedy is a professional blazer. Pairing a blazer or classic cardigan overtop of your dress will elevate your outfit instantly into something perfectly suited for work. We recommend keeping this work-from-home outfit professional by choosing neutral-toned or delicate patterned dresses. Whether you choose a structured blazer or a slightly oversized one to layer overtop, a blazer always elevates any ensemble.

3. Oversized Button-Up

The button-up shirt has been a work-appropriate choice for decades. Take advantage of the modern, minimalist twist when you wear an oversized version over elastic-waisted chinos or elevated joggers. The complete neutralness of your shirt allows you to get a little bit more adventurous with the color and print of your bottom half to lighten up an outfit without getting too wild. Don’t forget to add a little flair with a kerchief around your neck or in your hair.

Chic & Effortless

The best part about all these pieces is that they’re easy to swap around. Create completely new outfits when you wear your neutral blazer with chino pants instead of a dress or the oversized button-up tucked into your high-waisted, pull-on trousers. With just a few essential pieces, you can experiment with tons of different looks without having to change your whole wardrobe. Keep your work-from-home outfits professional and effortless with contemporary pieces from Crescent.

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