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Mahlo 3-Piece Set

Four Modern Loungewear Sets To Obsess Over

knit two-piece women’s loungewear set
sporty sweater lounge set

Modern loungewear is completely different from the styles that we saw years ago. Today, it isn’t unusual to see women’s two-piece loungewear sets that you can wear out and about. At Crescent, we love loungewear and matching sets, so combining them together was only logical. If you’re looking for new contemporary loungewear to love, check out our favorite styles today.

1. Knit Shorts

Knits are the new prints. Instead of going bold and loud with tie-dye patterns, polka dots, or florals, you can create just as much visual interest with a unique cable knit. Textured patterns are softer and more versatile than colorful prints and are super comfortable to wear around the house. When you opt for knit shorts instead of full-length pants, your women’s two-piece loungewear set won’t ever be too hot or stifling. You can still get cozy without getting overheated.

2. Satin Materials

coffee satin loungewear set

There’s nothing like the silky smooth feel of satin and satin-type materials against your skin. They feel utterly luxurious and shouldn’t be reserved for professional blouses or slip dresses. We love the look and feel of a satin women’s two-piece loungewear set. A relaxed fit and cuffed sleeves, as well as the elevated fabric, makes this modern loungewear appropriate for staying at home or heading out.

3. Sporty Looks

Just because a set is athletic doesn’t mean it’s not obsession-worthy. We love sporty women’s two-piece loungewear sets because they’re ultra-comfortable, versatile, and easy to mix and match. You can just as easily head out for a run or lay around on the couch. Because sporty loungewear sets are typically made of breathable fabrics and moisture-wicking materials, like cotton and spandex, there’s absolutely nothing better.

Look for styles that incorporate a drawstring detail, cuffed pants, or hoodie to provide a contemporary twist to the basic sweats-and-a-sweater look.

4. Oversized Styles

oversized beige short loungewear set

Oversized styles have been taking the fashion world by storm for quite some time. While there are people who think that oversized simply means wearing something that’s a few sizes too big, there is actually a very structured and precise process for creating these silhouettes. With an oversized women’s two-piece loungewear set that’s tailored to look just right, you enjoy an effortless drape that frames the body without getting too snug.

Crescent Sets

At Crescent, our loungewear sets are chic, unique, and timeless. Whether you wear these two pieces together or split them up to mix and match with other basics, you’re guaranteed a versatile look that will never go out of style. Explore our minimalist sets and luxuriate in loungewear that looks just as good on your couch as it does on the street.

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