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layered summer outfit

Crescent Guide on How to Layer Clothes for Summer

Chic Summer Layering

Layering is a simple, effortless way to add details to minimalist ensembles without going overboard. But what do you do in the spring and summer when it’s just too hot to add on all those extra pieces of clothing? There are still great ways to layer for summer that ensure you look sophisticated without sacrificing cool, breezy ensembles.

If you’re interested in learning how to layer clothes for summer, explore this Crescent guide to discover some unique style inspiration that will enhance your capsule wardrobe!

1. Textures

An easy place to start with layering for summer is mixing and matching textures that are incredibly lightweight. Look for knit tank tops and shorts and layer a linen button-up over top. Or, pair corduroy shorts with a cropped top and a lightweight, oversized shirt. These unique textures and patterns add interest to a summer outfit without too much extra weight.

2. Structured Pieces

Many people think the ideal summer outfit is all about loose clothing that ensures more breathability in your outfits. While breathability is incredibly important for layering clothes for summer, that does not mean that you have to sacrifice your style when you’re figuring out how to layer clothes for summer.

Keep your look put together when you carefully chose clothing pieces that still offer some structure. For a relaxed, daytime look, opt for a padded shoulder cropped top or a button-up top that features ruching detail. Pair these structured tops with shorts or linen pants for the ultimate summer outfit. Or, choose a thin knit top or cropped top and pair it with a blazer and structured shorts for a more refined look.

3. Go Sleeveless

The key to how to layer clothes for summer is choosing lightweight pieces as your base layer. At Crescent, we offer a variety of sleeveless tops that make for the perfect layering piece. Check out our selection of tanks, knits, and more to find pieces that make summer layering easy and breezy.

4. Lightweight Jackets

linen lightweight blazer set in orange

You’ve already heard about several outerwear options for your summer layering, but are there more? Of course! Lightweight jackets can take any outfit from boring to interesting with another color, texture, or embellishment to add to your current ensemble. For many, denim jackets are a go-to choice, but you should also consider linen, cotton, and viscose blends. These materials are just as versatile as denim when you’re trying to match your outerwear to the rest of your ensemble.

5. Using Accessories

How you layer clothes for summer isn’t just about the clothes. You shouldn’t forget that accessories have a huge impact on your look! Consider your necklaces, crossbody bags, hats, and belts as layering pieces that add as much interest to your ensemble as a kimono or a vest.

It is very easy to go overboard with accessories, however. So keep your look minimalist with just one or two extra pieces to enhance your style.

6. Color Blocking

colorblock shirt

While this isn’t exactly the same as layering, color blocking can create the same look with less clothing. Instead of choosing a layered outfit, shop for color-blocked pieces that offer a layered look without all of the actual layers. With these styles, you’re also incorporating more than one color without having to add even more clothing!

Start Experimenting

Now that you know how to layer clothes for summer, you have tons of options to explore. Start experimenting with a few of the suggestions from our list to find out which ones work best for you!

Are you finding that you need a few extra pieces to round out your summer layering capsule wardrobe? Crescent can help. Shop our new arrivals and featured selections to find fresh styles that could be the perfect complement to your latest ensemble!

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