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model wearing a knit top and chinos

Spring Layering: How to Thoughtfully Layer Your Outfits For Transitional Weather

Spring layering may be a daunting task if you live somewhere with unpredictable weather. When the climate is finding its balance between winter and spring, so must you find the balance in your everyday outfits.

When it comes to outfits for transitional weather, we all know that layering is key. But there are many pitfalls that come with layering, including bulky silhouettes and uncomfortable fits. If you want to expertly layer for the season, explore our inspiration from Crescent.

1.Opt for a Light, Fitted Base Layer

You don’t want your base layer to scrunch under your mid and outer layers, which can result in your outfit bunching up and potentially looking bulky. When you choose a tight first piece for spring layering, like a fitted cropped top, camisole, or tank top, you guarantee that it lays flush against your skin, preventing bulky silhouettes as you add on more clothing.

A light and tight first layer also means you’re ready for those rare days when the temperature reaches nearly summer-like heights.

2.Wear Complementary Colors

model wearing a fawn layered suit

If your entire wardrobe is from Crescent, this should be the easiest spring layering tip to follow. Because the majority of our collection is designed around neutral hues that all work together, finding complementary colors for every piece of your outfit is simple. You don’t even need to think too much about color when putting your transitional spring outfit together.

The best color choices for a spring capsule wardrobe include pastels, whites, beige, light brown, and grey. You might also choose a few standout colors, like sky blue, peach, and chocolate, to add a hint of interest to your look.

3.Explore Structured Middle Layers

If you’re wondering what to wear over your first layer, the answer isn’t an oversized sweater or bulky coat. At this point in your spring layering outfit, you should be building out your ensemble with a top that has shape. You might consider a vest, a light blazer, or a denim jacket. Some cardigans also make a good choice here, especially if they’re fitted enough that you can add another layer over them.

4.Try Oversized Outer Layers

model wearing an oversized blazer set for spring

Now for the final piece of spring layering — oversized outerwear. Your outermost layer should be slightly oversized because it has to fit over all the other pieces in your transitional spring outfit. Jackets with dolman sleeves or huge sweaters with drop shoulders are good options. Trench coats are also ideal — especially if they feature wide arms and flared hems.

If you’re concerned about overheating from so many layers, you can keep your materials light with fabrics designed for spring weather, like denim, cotton, and Tencel.

Our Favorite Layerable Pieces

With these guidelines in mind for spring layering, it’s time to build a wardrobe that will last throughout the seasons. Explore these versatile pieces that you can mix and match to create a variety of unique outfits for transitional weather.

Knit Vests

One of our favorite middle layers, a knit vest adds a little bit of warmth to your core without adding bulk to your arms and shoulders. You can explore slim-fitting styles that fit under a blazer or check out geometric, quilted pieces that eliminate the need for most outerwear.

Sheer Dresses

model wearing a sheer knit dress for spring

Ideal for spring layering, the sheer dress goes over a slip or camisole dress to add another barrier between you and the breeze without hiding what you have going on underneath. You’ll find a range of materials here, including knits, tulle, chiffon, and lace.

Three-Piece Sets

One of our favorite options for layering, three-piece sets are ready-made ensembles that make putting together a look quick and easy. Even better, any neutral co-ord sets can be taken apart for matching with other versatile essentials!

Find Your Look

model wearing vegan leather co-ord set for spring

Are you ready to start exploring spring styles that will keep you fashionable through the years? Crescent has classic pieces with a contemporary edge that will defy changing trends for decades. Browse our premium fabrics, thoughtful design, and durable manufacturing to find the perfect styles for your capsule wardrobe today.

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