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model in neutral sweater tank and pants

Crescent’s Guide to Creating a Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular. People are finding that carefully selecting their clothing pieces helps simplify their morning and empowers them to quickly create stylish outfits. Capsule wardrobes also help reduce waste by encouraging people to focus on a small selection of timeless, versatile pieces as opposed to fast fashion or trends that come and go. As the seasons change, you may find you need to adjust your capsule wardrobe to accommodate pieces for the weather. Here’s how to create a winter capsule wardrobe.

model wearing a neutral faux fur jacket

Make a Plan

First, you should make a plan. Think about the pieces you typically wear and the winter wardrobe essentials you find yourself reaching for year after year. You’ll most likely need staples like a warm coat, trousers, long-sleeved tops like turtlenecks, and hats and gloves. The key to a capsule wardrobe is choosing versatile pieces that can all be worn together. Think about what you’ll need to be warm and stylish all winter long.

Next, you’ll need to go shopping. Search for clothing with classic silhouettes and beautifully muted tones to create the most flexible closet possible. The more you can mix and match a certain piece, the more use and wear you’ll get out of it.

model wearing a belted long coat

Choose a Color Palette

One of the simplest ways to carefully curate a winter capsule wardrobe is to focus on a cohesive color palette. Neutrals are often the best choice, as you can seamlessly mix and match shades of white, gray, brown, and black. 

However, you’re not limited to neutrals. You can incorporate any color you’d like by starting with neutrals as your base and then adding in hints of bolder colors. Search for minimalist clothing in the same color family or palette to effortlessly create your capsule wardrobe for winter. The best part? A wardrobe built around a single color palette makes you look put together at all times.

model wearing a neutral knit top

Invest in Staples

Invest in winter wardrobe essentials to build your perfect capsule collection. The idea of curating a winter capsule wardrobe is to stray away from short-lived trends. Instead, you’ll build a closet full of classic pieces that pair well together. As a result, you’ll be less concerned with chasing the latest look and more focused on what matters to you. Investing in winter staples like well-made boots, beautiful coats, warm tops, and versatile accessories will empower you to make getting ready in the morning smooth and enjoyable. Seek out high-quality clothes you can wear year after year.

model wearing corduroy trousers

Create a Capsule Wardrobe You’ll Love this Winter

The beauty of a capsule wardrobe is that it’s always in style. As you move through the years and different seasons, you’ll always feel classic and timeless in your carefully selected pieces. Your winter capsule wardrobe is the same. By putting in the time and effort ahead of time, you can create a cohesive closet that helps you feel stylish without much thought. At Crescent, we believe in well-crafted clothes that tell a compelling story for years to come. Shop our collection of minimalist clothes that will make the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe.

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