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blazer set and crop top

Transformative Day-to-Night Outfits for the Minimalist

At Crescent, we love all things minimalist. In fact, we encourage a sleek wardrobe with just the essentials to help you reduce your environmental impact and ensure that getting ready each day is quick and easy. If you have the right wardrobe basics, transitioning your ensembles for different seasons and occasions is effortless. 

Are you wondering how we make our day-to-night outfits work with fewer pieces? Check out minimalist style inspo from our team to explore unique ideas that can take you from work to the evening with ease!

1. Add Heels

 Adding heels to any ensemble is the easiest way to transition an outfit from day to evening! Are you wearing flats with wide-leg pants and a blazer? Get rid of the jacket and throw on stilettos to spice up your look. Are boots with jeans your go-to for the office? Swap them out for high-heeled sandals and quickly transform your day-to-night outfit.

Wearing heels automatically makes your ensemble more elegant, sophisticated, and formal. They can even make your joggers a little fancier! Shoes are also really easy to keep in the back seat of your car and make swapping day-to-night looks a five-minute affair. Just change your shoes and you’re ready to head out for cocktail hour or date night.

2. Loosen Up 

black skirt and crop top set

Work outfits are often associated with longer hemlines and more structured pieces. Changing from a day-to-night outfit could simply mean loosening up your ensemble with shorter or less structured pieces. Swap a midi dress for a mini dress that falls above the knee, or swap out a button-up shirt for a cropped top to complement your high-waisted pants instead.

In winter, changing from day to night is a little easier because you can layer your nighttime wear under longer shirts and jackets, but don’t be afraid to keep a change of clothes at your desk to swap out a single item that could transform your whole look.

3. Explore Prints

 In the past, prints and patterns were often avoided for daytime work outfits. These were associated with more casual, less professional outfits for non-formal events and occasions. These days, we know that this is certainly not the case. Prints and patterns are effortlessly mixed and matched with neutral ensembles to create outfits with visual interest. Choose a top with an eye-catching print or pattern and layer a blazer over top. Pair these pieces with neutral bottoms. Or, opt for print pants and choose a neutral top to tie the outfit together. To bring this outfit from day to evening, lose the blazer and swap those heels for sandals. Or, swap out your neutral bottoms for a skirt or shorts with flats. This day-to-night outfit idea is a simple way to transform your look in a pinch!

If your capsule wardrobe has absolutely no prints to help you transform your day-to-night look, we have a solution for you. Textures are just as exciting of an option, and they blend seamlessly with more neutral styles, as well. Opt for faux leather, denim, and knits that can add interest without being too aggressive.

4. Bright Colors

bright green sleeveless top

Similar to prints, bright colors were previously a workplace no-no. These days, bright colors offer a refreshing take on traditional workplace outfits. A brightly-colored top or shoe can completely change the vibe of your outfit without too much effort. Choose bright hues that make you stand out from the crowd and comprehensively change your day-to-night look, with colors like hot pink, sunshine yellow, or fierce orange!

5. Use Accessories

Just like shoes, accessories can change a day-to-night outfit instantly! Jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, and purses are all small things that make a big difference. If you don’t want to pack a whole other outfit in your car, consider swapping out your earrings and adding a belt to your dress before heading out for the night!

6. Remove Your Layers

layered work outfits

If you know you’re heading out for an event at night and you want to be prepared, it’s a great idea to wear the outfit you’re planning for the evening as a base layer. Whether it’s a cocktail dress or a blouse and pencil skirt, you can cover up with a blazer, sweater, or cardigan to make the outfit more professional. You can even throw on some tights or leggings if you feel your dress or skirt is too short. Later, when it’s time to go out, transform your day-to-night outfit just by taking off your outerwear and removing your tights!

7. Blended Looks

One of the toughest things for any working professional is to take a work-appropriate look and relax it. When you combine workwear with casual attire, you have a solution that belongs at dinner, cocktail hour, or even date night. Consider taking culottes, or other work pants, and wearing them with a graphic tee or cropped top. With an elegant bottom and a casual top, you’re clearly not here to work! You can also take this method of transitioning day-to-night outfits and reverse it. Wear a nice top or blazer with shorts instead!

Transform Your Look

These are just a few simple ways that you can transform your ensembles from day to evening Use these tips to perfectly change any look – from professional attire to loungewear sets. If you have your own style go-to's, we’d love to hear about them! Share your day-to-night looks with us online when you tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and more. Shop Crescent today.

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