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woman sitting on the beach in a suit

Effortless Beach Outfit Ideas: Transitional Ensembles That Can Take You From the Beach to the Bar & Everywhere in Between

Transitional styles are the key to ensuring effortless ensembles that fit in wherever you go. When it comes to summer days along the beach, you want looks that can take you from the sand to the bar and everywhere in between. At Crescent, we’re here to help with beach outfit inspiration to keep your capsule wardrobe fresh, sophisticated, and easy. Explore some of our favorite outfits today for elevated beachwear ideas!

1. Nautical

Nothing says nautical inspiration like wide horizontal stripes. For our first beach outfit idea, we recommend pairing a boatneck blouse featuring a wide stripe print with a comfortable pair of linen pants in neutral hues. Throw on a pair of sandals, and you’re ready to snack on crab legs before shucking off your shoes for a walk along the water.

This look also looks great on a boat and can ensure your comfort with minimal modification. Keep the sun off your head with a bucket hat and the cool breeze in check with a cardigan, and you’re set!

2. Sundresses

white sundress for the beach

If you’re planning a day that involves shopping in a small coastal town before heading down to the water for a light picnic, there’s nothing better than a sundress topped with a striped button-up. Blue and white are the colors of the day, as they mimic the surf of the sea and the light hue of a clear sky. Keep your beach outfit idea casual with open-toed sandals that make it easy to walk on the sand or the sidewalk!

3. Seaside Sets

There’s nothing that says beach quite like an all-blue set that could be the color of the sky or the water! We love co-ord sets because they’re easy to style before heading out the door. Explore square necklines and cropped tops with high-waisted pants in linen blends to balance casual styles and sophisticated elements in one look. Accessorize this beach outfit idea with a straw sunhat and a structured woven purse to play with natural colors and unique textures.

4. Knits & Linen

crochet knit top and linen pants for the beach

Some days at the beach end up feeling like a mix of light breezes and hot sun that alternate between making you feel overheated and cool. With a short-sleeve knit top and linen pants, you get a little extra warmth with minimal coverage to suit whichever way the breeze is blowing. With this beach outfit idea, we’re exploring the varied colors of the sand around you with natural browns, tans, and creams that create an effortless monochrome ensemble that fits in at a dive bar or at a high street boutique.

5. Breezy Layers

Layering is always a safe bet with beachwear ideas because who knows how long you’ll be out in the surf and sand. As the day cools down, you might want to enjoy the breeze coming off the water in a seaside restaurant with a view, but you don’t want to be shivering the whole time you’re eating your lobster rolls. 

With this beach outfit idea, you layer a simple slip under a knit dress with short sleeves and throw on a duster-length cardigan over the top. Instead of your regular sandal flats, consider elevating this look with wedges or kitten heels when you make your way off of the beach.

6. Suits

nautical sailor suit beach outfit

Our final beach outfit idea is literally a suit. We’re back to exploring stripes with a little bit of sailor inspiration in a two-piece set that features an oversized blazer and high-waisted pants. Although the silhouette of a suit is automatically refined and elegant, the oversized cut and casual materials balance this style in a way that makes it look just right on the beach. Wear a casual tee or one-shoulder blouse underneath to complete the ensemble.

Crescent Style

Whether it’s beach outfit ideas or summer wedding inspiration, Crescent is here for every season and occasion with an elevated minimalist style that makes dressing for any event effortless. Browse our blog for more ideas, or shop our seasonal collections to fill out your wardrobe with all the essentials.

You can also find everything you need to keep your beach outfits stylish in our water collection. And don’t forget to explore our eco-conscious collection for warm-weather outfits that strive for responsible sourcing.

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