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model wearing an eco-friendly co-ord set

Ethical Fashion: Curating an Eco-Friendly Capsule Wardrobe

At Crescent, we constantly strive to improve our designs, manufacturing, and general business practices. As the world moves toward protecting the environment and preventing pollution, we align our values to yours with attempts to design ethical fashion through greener processes at every level, but we also provide you the opportunity to take part in eco-friendly fashion.

Learn more about what it takes to curate an eco-friendly capsule wardrobe for any season when you browse our recommendations here.

Why a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is inherently eco-friendly because you’re just choosing the essentials to create an incredibly pared-down selection of everyday wear. By focusing on neutral hues and classic silhouettes that are easy to mix and match, you won’t need as many pieces to create unique outfits, and your fashion will keep up with the trends instead of falling out of style every season.

A capsule wardrobe also allows for seasonal overlaps, where you just add or replace a few critical items to be more weather appropriate. Your winter wardrobe will obviously have more coats and long pants, while your summer wardrobe will contain more dresses and lightweight outerwear, allowing you to ensure ethical fashion choices with minimal changes for the weather.

1.Eco-Friendly Fashion Materials

Everyone already knows that plastic and synthetic materials are not great for the environment. Even if you’re a maximalist with a massive wardrobe, you can still take steps toward ethical fashion choices by exploring clothing made with natural materials, like cotton. Cotton is an essential material that makes up eco-friendly textiles, including denim and Tencel.

2.Versatile Colors and Prints

model wearing eco-friendly clothing in neutral hues

In addition to shopping for ethical fashion in natural materials, you should work to cut down on the amount of pieces in your wardrobe. With versatile colors and prints in neutral hues, you can mix and match more easily and carry your clothing over through a variety of seasons — especially since beige, white, black, and browns work as well for winter and fall as they do for spring and summer.

To cement your seasonal style, you can add just a few pieces of appropriate clothing to each type of capsule wardrobe. We recommend burgundy and umber for fall, navy and grey for winter, sage and dusty blue for spring, and coral and cobalt for summer.

3.Invest in Quality Pieces

Part of what makes fashion so unsustainable is the need to buy new clothing when your current pieces rip or wear down. Low-quality clothing means thousands of pants, shirts, and jackets end up in the dump — never decomposing, piling up over the years. When you invest in quality designs and well-manufactured fashion, your entire wardrobe lasts that much longer, preventing new styles from joining those ever-growing piles in the garbage.

4.Shop Your Closet

The most ethical fashion choice you can make is shopping your own closet before adding anything new to it. You might be surprised by clothing you’ve forgotten you have! If your closet is fully curated, but you have extra styles you don’t expect to wear, you can even band with a group of friends to have a clothing swap. When you reuse styles throughout your friend group, you’ll cut down on waste for more than just yourself.

Our Recommendations for Eco-Friendly Fashion

model wearing versatile basics for an eco-friendly wardrobe

Are you wondering what type of ethical fashion should go into your capsule wardrobe? Here are our top recommendations:

These pieces will be the base of your wardrobe and something to build upon for each season.

Revamping Your Wardrobe

Armed with this list of wardrobe essentials and some new data on how to shop for new clothing, you can join the ethical fashion movement and become more sustainable. And if you ever need something new for your closet, Crescent is always here with thoughtful, eco-friendly clothing, classic designs, and premium quality styles. Shop our collection today!

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