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model in utility pants outfit

How To Style Utility Pants: Crescent’s Guide

Utility pants have made a huge comeback with A-list celebrities and fashion lovers frequently donning the early 2000s trend. From casual styles to high-end, formal looks, you can turn to a utility pants outfit for just about any occasion. But how can you style utility pants to achieve effortless and refined looks that truly embody minimalist fashion? To help you put together timeless utility pant ensembles, we created a styling guide!

1.Wide-Leg Utility Pants + Simple Knit Top & Boots

For a versatile look that you can wear to work or out to dinner with friends, we recommend pairing wide-leg utility pants with a simple knit top and heeled boots. To contrast the wide-leg element and show off your waistline, you can tuck the top into the pants. 

For a style like this, we love the idea of keeping the clothing colors neutral but adding a patterned boot to bring some excitement to a simple look. During the cold winter months, you can layer this chic utility pant outfit with a minimal jacket or blazer for added comfort. Vegan leather jackets and oversized blazers, in particular, are both great choices to pair with utility pants.

2.High-Waisted Utility Pants + Crop Top

model in gray utility pants

Who doesn’t love a crop top paired with high-waisted pants? Pairing utility pants with a simple crop top helps balance out the baggy look of the pants by showing off the cinched waistline. For a utility pant outfit like this, we love the idea of matching the color of the pants with the top to create a contemporary, minimal monochrome look. That said, you can also go in the opposite direction and pair neutral-colored utility pants with a bright crop top for a bolder look.

3.Straight-Leg Utility Pants + Blouse & Belt

Here is another recommendation on how to style utility pants for a work or semi-formal setting. We love combining utility pants (especially straight-leg utility pants) with a classic, feminine blouse and a simple belt. Again, tucking the blouse into the pants will be essential to help show off the chic belt and your waistline. Pair this utility pant outfit with a blazer and a pair of heels to finish off the ensemble.

4.Cuffed Utility Pants + Tank & Sandals

model in black utility pants

Next up, you can wear cuffed utility pants with a classic tank top and chic sandals to put together a utility pants outfit that's more on the casual side. Either tuck in the tank or make sure to wear something cropped to show off the cinched waistline. You’ll want a style like this one to be comfortable, so we recommend looking for a satin or linen material that is nice and light. Take this outfit from day to night by exchanging the sandals for a pair of strappy heels. In the winter, throw on a contemporary jacket and opt for heeled boots instead.

5.Straight-Leg Utility Pants + Oversized Sweater

model in beige utility pants

Easily put together a utility pants outfit with a preppy, classic feel when you pair a neutral-tone, straight-leg utility pant with an oversized sweater. To add a bit of an edge, we recommend wearing a cropped oversized sweater that shows off your waist. Throw on a pair of plain black loafers to complete this chic, timeless look.

6.Wide-Leg Utility Pants + Oversized Button-Down

Last but not least, you can pair your utility pants outfit with another classic, comfortable staple in the minimalist wardrobe: an oversized button-down shirt. This is a great opportunity to wear utility pants with a rich pop of color together with a simple, white button-down top. Pair it with flats, and you have another chic outfit ready to go. You can also pair it with a pair of heels if you are hoping to put together a more upscale look.

Find a Chic Utility Pants Outfit Today

These are just a handful of examples of how to style utility pants, but with pants this versatile, the options really are endless. Don’t shy away from experimenting with unique colors and layering combinations, but also keep in mind less is more when it comes to truly minimalist styles. If you need more inspiration, feel free to check out the new arrivals in Crescent’s online store. Shop Crescent today for all the essentials of the minimalist wardrobe.

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