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chevron jacket and satin joggers for cold weather

Our Favorite Must-Have Cool-Weather Outfits

At Crescent, no matter the season or the trend, we have guides and expert advice to help you create unique and chic ensembles. If you’re on the hunt for effortless cool-weather outfits that still exude a sense of elegance and sophistication, our team is ready to bring you six of our favorite creations for your cool-weather wardrobe.

Ready to get started? Explore our cool-weather clothing, and maybe you’ll find a must-have essential to add to your closet!

1. Patterned Trench & Turtleneck

When you want to stand out in the crowd, a big, loud jacket is the key. With a patterned trench coat that covers you from neck to knee, it’s impossible not to look your way! Balance this piece of cool-weather clothing with something casual and subtle underneath – like a pair of silky joggers and a knit turtleneck. Mixing these three materials and textures makes for an interesting cool-weather outfit, even if you are wearing all-black underneath your patterned trench.

2. Puff, Knit, & Corduroypuffer jacket and corduroy pants

Because we carry so many neutral hues, we prefer to mix materials as a way to add interest to our cool-weather outfits. While satin and knits are one way to mix materials, we also think a puffy jacket, knit blouse, and corduroy pants are a chic texture trifecta that can bring any look to life. Wear this style in the right colors for every cold season, including earthy brown tones for fall or whites and light beige hues for winter style.

While you can shop these materials in any silhouette, we recommend a short or cropped puffy jacket paired with a high-waisted pant that accentuates your legs and waist to guarantee you have shape, even with layered style.

3. Casual Smart Jeansblazer and jeans cold weather outfit

If you’re looking for a casual, relaxed style that’s still appropriate for a day at the office, this cool-weather outfit is it! First, wear your most comfortable black tank and favorite jeans in a mid-light wash as your base look. Then, throw on a statement blazer!

An oversized silhouette with wide lapels or a padded shoulder delivers just enough structure to ensure this look has a more professional vibe. You can create an even bigger splash when you choose a blazer with a classic pattern, like pinstripes, houndstooth, or plaid.

We love creating outfits with blazers, as they’re the ultimate piece of cool-weather clothing. These items serve as transitional outerwear that protects you from the cold outdoors while allowing you to stay fashionable once you get inside. If the weather gets a bit too frosty, you can always add a trench coat layer to stay warm.

4. Corduroy Suitbrown corduroy pantsuit for winter

Speaking of fashion for work environments, you can go even more formal than a simple blazer – you can wear an entire pantsuit set. Instead of the more typical cotton or blended materials, we put together a corduroy pantsuit with a double-breasted blazer and wide-leg pants. This slightly oversized silhouette provides a relaxed fit in formal environments that ensures you feel comfortable and look great. The material is also thicker than your traditional women’s pantsuits, so it’s better suited to the cold outside. You can also wear this cool-weather outfit with a thick turtleneck or knit blouse to create warmer layers for the coldest days.

5. Velvet & Satinvelvet blazer set and cropped top

Are you drawn to satin for your cool-weather clothing? While this is traditionally a material for warmer days, you can still make it work as a cool-weather outfit when you bring in fall and winter fabrics. Create a unique winter look when you take a cropped satin top from your spring wardrobe and wear it with a velvet blazer and high-rise velvet trousers. We love this style as a transitional winter to spring outfit when you are not sure exactly what the weather will be throughout the day. Then, the minute the day heats up, you can take off your velvet blazer and let your shoulders and arms breathe.

To finish off this look, opt for black sneakers to keep your outfit a little more casual. If the weather is still vacillating between cool and warm, you can even wear some strappy, heeled sandals for added elegance.

6. Layered Looks layered cold weather outfit with vest and chinos

You might be wondering why we still haven’t introduced much layering in this selection of our favorite winter outfits. It’s because we prefer minimalist style to maximalist looks – like layering. We have, however, created a stunning layered cool-weather outfit that is sure to become a go-to in your closet.

With a black turtleneck vest, oversized button-up shirt, and cuffed chinos, we’re sure this look will deliver sensational style without going overboard. Overall, this combination is slightly more transitional, an ideal choice for the end of spring, as the materials are lightweight and thin. Bolster this outfit with an oversized trench coat and heeled booties to ensure you’ll be comfortable even in the depths of winter.

Style with Crescent

As you explore these cool-weather outfits, we hope you find yourself inspired to mix and match the clothing in your wardrobe in new and unique ways. Of course, if you feel like you don’t have the right pieces to create some of your preferred looks, you can always explore our newest arrivals to discover the perfect item to round out your wardrobe.

Ready to get started? Share your Crescent style with us on social media for a chance to get featured!

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