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wide-leg slacks in green

Our Favorite Elevated Holiday Outfit Ideas

If your family hosts holiday events where everyone needs to be a little more put-together, you’re probably on the hunt for a few go-to ensemble selections to ensure you look chic and elevated at a moment’s notice.

At Crescent, we have some of the best holiday outfit ideas due to our minimalist designs that exude a classic, elegant energy. Browse our holiday outfit inspiration here to find new ways to assemble some of your favorite pieces.

1. A Short Dress & Long Coat

green mini dress for Christmas

One of our favorite holiday outfit ideas is the short dress with a long coat. Most homes during the holiday season are warm and cozy, so you won’t want to wear your winter gear indoors. With a short babydoll dress and a pair of booties, you’ll look a little retro and really chic. We love a bright pop of color here, maybe in a bright green for Christmas, deep blue for Hannukah, or burnt orange for Thanksgiving.

Just don’t forget about the second half of this outfit – your trench coat! With a long warm jacket in a wool fabric, you can dress appropriately for the cold outside without sacrificing your style for the weather indoors. Opt for a piece that comes down below your knee with a high collar and a wrap belt to keep every part of you cozy as you tromp through the snow outside.

2. A Loose Maxi in Fall Colors

Keeping up the dress theme, we think that a loose maxi in fall colors is also a great holiday outfit idea! An a-line silhouette gathered above your waist offers a classic design that is also super comfortable. The loose and flowy style also exudes a sophisticated elegance that will help you fit in at the most formal of holiday parties.

Our selection has a variety of options that include some of the best hues for fall, including beige, brown, navy, black, and orange. When winter comes around the corner, you can still wear these same dresses – just layer up with tights and a jacket to stay warm or opt for a thin long-sleeve under your dress for even more bundling without bulking.

3. A Blazer Set

women’s brown corduroy blazer set

Another option for your holiday outfit inspiration is a blazer set. These chic pieces don’t just belong in the office! You can make them work for parties and holiday gatherings, too. Whether you want the extra layers for warmth or you just prefer wearing pants, a blazer takes everything to the next level with a little more structure and grace. 

For this holiday outfit idea, we recommend shopping for blazers in wool, velvet, and corduroy to fit the season instead of linen and cotton styles, which are great for warm weather but just won’t hold up in the cold.

4. A Sweater Set

Everyone loves sweater material for fall and winter, and so do we. With a sweater set, you can elevate your look while staying comfy and cozy. Our sets come with button-up tops and skirts or slacks that take this cozy material and give it a twist. We enhanced the slouchy style with tailored silhouettes, sophisticated colors, and unique details that ensure you fit in at any holiday event. A sweater set holiday outfit idea also guarantees your comfort through all of the festivities.

In addition to sweaters for sets, we also offer elegant sweater tops that play with texture, color blocking, and cut-out details for a unique take on everyone’s favorite cold weather layers.

5. Wide-Leg Slacks

wide leg slacks in white

Dressing up for an event doesn’t always mean a body-contouring dress or ultra-fitted pants. Loose, wide-leg slacks with an oversized top can look just as elegant! Our holiday outfit inspiration for this look calls for a high-waisted piece with flowing fabric that may feel like pajamas but looks like a dream. Pair these pants with a color-blocked button-up shirt to ensure everyone knows you’ve put plenty of thought into your look.

6. Joggers & A Blouse

Have you ever considered joggers as an appropriate holiday outfit idea and dismissed them because you think they look too much like sweats? Well, we can take this athleisure piece to a whole new level. Instead of shopping for joggers in sporty materials, find sets in silk, linen, or velvet to completely elevate your entire outfit.

To complete this ensemble, we recommend an elegant blouse and heels for a look that turns traditional silhouettes on their heads.

Revamp Your Holiday Outfit Inspiration

With our holiday outfit ideas, you won’t be wearing the same boring old clothing. You’ll be elegant and sophisticated, comfortable in every atmosphere, and bring something completely new to the table.

If you’re not sure you have everything you need to attend all the events you have on the calendar, browse Crescent today to supplement your style with our fall and winter essentials. Explore our Lookbooks for the cold weather seasonal style inspo you need, and check out our blog for outfit ideas that cover every possible event.

Ready to make these holiday outfit ideas work for you? Experiment with your favorite styles and share your creations with us on social media.

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