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grey wide-leg pant style for women

5 Women’s Pant Styles You Should Have in Your Closet

At Crescent, we love minimalist style and versatility. It’s how we create effortless capsule wardrobes for every season. We believe that with just a few tops and bottoms, you can create hundreds of unique outfits without repeating a single one. So if you’re wondering exactly how many pairs of pants you need in any given capsule wardrobe, we have the answer! To ensure effortless style, as well as easy mixing and matching, we like to have 5-7 pairs of bottoms that are appropriate for a variety of occasions in any one of our capsule wardrobes. While your spring and summer wardrobes may have a few more shorts and skirts, these are the must-have pants we recommend for basic closet building.

Ready to find out which types of pants for women are must-have pieces? Check out our list of essential women’s pant styles to learn more.

1. Wide-Leg Trousers

There was a time when skinny jeans, hot pants, and leggings led the way in terms of essential style basics. Now, we’re transitioning away from body contouring bottoms and allowing for more relaxed fits to take center stage once again. With wide-leg trousers, you’re getting more comfort, flexibility, and elegance than with any other type of pants for women. When you wear wide-leg trousers, especially one with a high waist, your legs look taller and you accentuate your curves that much more.

A wider leg is always in if you’re looking for a women’s pant style that exudes elegance and sophistication. The materials you choose for your wide-leg pant will also help you dictate the occasion. Are you spending the day running errands or attending a casual BBQ? Wear linen for warm weather and denim for cool weather. You should also keep color and pattern in mind to ensure appropriate wear for seasonality.

2. Cuffed Chinos

beige chino pants

Chinos are a type of pants for women that come in varying silhouettes. What makes them special is the type of materials used during manufacturing. Chino materials are soft and gentle on your skin, and they never chafe or irritate – even during warm weather. Chino pants are the ideal choice for every type of weather, but especially warm days, because they’re the perfect lightweight fabric to keep your style breezy and cool.

Chinos are also an incredibly versatile option, as you can wear them to the office or for more casual days with friends. Layer them with a button-up shirt for professional spaces or a tee shirt for relaxed days out on the town.

3. Culottes

Culottes have evolved from meaning any type of pant to referring to a cropped pant style that ends just below the knee. These are on our list of must-have women’s pant styles because they’re not only versatile but transitional, as well. Whether we’re heading from winter to spring or from summer to fall, culottes are a great choice to keep you warmer during the early mornings and help you stay cool as it heats up throughout the day. Wear culottes with a wider silhouette for warmer days to allow a cool breeze to keep your legs sweat-free.

4. Tailored High-Waist Trousersburnt orange high-waisted linen pants

If you’re looking for the epitome of sophistication, the tailored, high-waisted trouser delivers. They always look elegant and intentional – whether you’re wearing them with a button-up shirt or your most casual tank top. These pants are also versatile enough to wear with a favored crop top for a night out on the town. Just changing your blouse will help you transition from work to drinks with the girls.

With this type of pants for women, you also have the option of a pleated waist or a paper bag waist. Either silhouette is excellent, but we prefer the paper bag silhouette because it does more to highlight the narrowest part of your body to create even more flattering curves.

5. Joggers

So far, we’ve talked a lot about elegant, elevated types of pants for women. But not everything has to be about how you look. Sometimes, you just want to feel relaxed and comfortable. If you’re looking for looser women’s pant styles to wear out and about, joggers are a great choice. They may have started as loungewear, but you see people wearing joggers at the gym, the grocery store, and even the office. In addition, joggers are now available in nearly every material imaginable, from cotton to silk, so that you can wear them everywhere.

Round Out Your Wardrobe

Everyone has a pant style that matches their aesthetic and makes them feel on top of the world. But who wants all their pants to be the exact same style? Explore our favorite types of pants for women and create a more comprehensive, functional wardrobe that makes it easy to dress for any occasion.

Finding yourself at a loss for pants? We have all the styles you want! Shop our new arrivals to find the most topical pieces for any season.

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