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model wearing a blue blazer and wide-leg pants matching set

Staying Cozy: Our Favorite Cold-Weather Outfits

When it’s time to swap your summer capsule wardrobe for fall and winter styles, you want to make sure you have enough cold-weather outfits to stay cozy all season long. From sweaters and cardigans for casual moments to blazers and jackets for formal events, Crescent is here to help you find the style inspiration you need to keep your closet fresh and your ensembles effortless and sophisticated. So check out our favorite women’s cold-weather clothing and enhance your wardrobe with unique, chic pieces from our collection today!

1. Sweaters

Sweaters are an essential part of cool weather clothing. But which types of sweaters are the best choice? These are some of our favorite sweater styles!


Oversized clothing isn’t just several sizes too big – it’s specifically tailored to be roomy in all the right areas to create a sophisticated, slouchy silhouette. We love wearing oversized sweaters with loose, wide-leg pants to create cozy cold-weather outfits for whatever the day throws our way. If we’re heading to the office, we may pair those extra-large sweaters with form-fitting capris pants. Planning on staying home? Joggers might complete this cute and comfy look!

Color Blocked

color-blocked winter sweater

Regardless of your preferred sweater silhouette, a color-blocked look is a sophisticated choice when playing with color and pattern. At Crescent, we always opt for a minimalist look, so color blocking is a great way to add interest to cold-weather outfits without combining too many hues and prints.

2. Cardigans

Much like sweaters, cardigans are made of knit materials to keep you warm. However, cardigans are usually open in the front, allowing you to show off all the layers you’re wearing underneath. If you’re interested in layering multiple pieces of women’s cold-weather clothing without creating a bulky silhouette, a cardigan can provide the happy medium between a sweater and a shirt.

Explore cardigans in our collection for your cold-weather outfits to find tons of unique styles, like cropped designs, fuzzy dusters, and cardigan dresses, as well as exciting details, including oversized pockets, textured knits, and chic buttons.

3. Sets

Sets are an easy way to build cold-weather outfits with minimal fuss, as they already come with everything you need to ensure a cohesive look. We have two-piece and three-piece sets for fall and winter that explore unique silhouettes in classic cold weather materials, including knits, wool, velvet, and more. Browse our cozy two and three-piece sets to discover cardigan skirt sets, sweater pants sets, and blazer skirt sets.

4. Blazers

green corduroy blazer outfit for winter

We love blazers for winter weather because they always elevate your look to the next level. Whether you’re wearing jeans or joggers, a blazer makes every outfit professional and sleek. These are our favorite blazer materials and textures for fall.


Everyone knows corduroy for its ridged texture, but it’s also a strong and durable material choice and a classic fabric design. Our corduroy blazers come in colors uniquely suited to fall and winter, with deep hues that still stand out for their uniqueness, including dark green, chocolate brown, and beige. Corduroy blazers are also incredibly low maintenance because they’re so easy to clean.


Another ideal cold-weather outfit option, wool blazers offer you a sleeker textured material that’s still thicker than typical linen or cotton blazers for warmer weather. But wool is still highly breathable and doesn’t get cold – even when you’re wet from rain and snow! Our wool blazers are also an elevated choice because many of them feature an oversized silhouette, single-breasted design, and minimalist collar details.


Velvet is coming back! It’s no longer relegated to the 70s and 80s. While velvet has a luxurious appearance that always impresses, it’s especially popular in tasteful colors, like black and beige. Most people consider velvet too formal for every occasion, but we’ve developed velvet blazers that can complete your cold-weather outfit for a more casual office with ease due to their fitted silhouette, button details, and understated design.

5. Jackets

chevron wool winter jacket

Jackets are typically the last thing you throw over your cold-weather outfit before heading out the door, so it’s the first impression people get when you finally walk in from the cold. Make sure even your jacket impresses when you choose stylish, minimalist designs that don’t detract from your overall ensemble.


Wool is a popular cold weather material because it offers such good temperature regulation. But that’s not the only important thing about jackets in this fabric. We love how good it makes you feel the minute you put it on. Our wool jackets tend towards floor-length proportions to swathe you in a comfortable material that never itches. 


This jacket style is the ultimate balance between a lightweight design and an ultra-warm feel. Puffy jackets might be made of light fabrics, but they capture and keep your warmth inside their interminable layers until you take them off. In order to ensure sleek cold-weather outfits, even with a puffy, we’ve mixed and matched silhouettes and complementary materials to transform this bulky look into something that belongs at a formal event.

Start Shopping

Have we given you some style inspiration for your next fall or winter outfit? You can layer several of these pieces together with your winter essentials to create effortless ensembles all season long.

If you feel like your fall or winter wardrobe just isn’t quite complete, Crescent can help you round it out with styles from our collections. Browse our new arrivals to discover our favorites for cold weather right now!

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