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Crescent’s Gift Guide For the Fashion Forward

The Perfect Gifts for Fashion Lovers

Buying clothing for the fashion lovers in your life can be a little risky — especially if you don’t know their exact style or sizing. However, if you’re confident in your knowledge of their aesthetics, current closet essentials, and measurements, fashion gifts are thoughtful, innovative, and surprising options for the holiday season — or any other big celebration.

Ready to shop birthday gifts, milestone gifts, and holiday gifts for the minimalist fashion-forward person in your life? Consider these gifts for fashion lovers from Crescent.

1. Eco-Conscious Style

Many people are moving toward more eco-conscious styles because they know that the fashion cycle has a heavy impact on the environment. At Crescent, we’ve curated a collection especially for people who put environmentally friendly clothing first. These are styles in Tencel and cotton that minimize water waste, plastic usage, and irresponsible sourcing to ensure clothing that’s better for our planet.

Shop gifts for fashion lovers here to discover pieces for every season and occasion, including tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and much more. These styles will change seasonally with each new collection.

2. The Oversized Blazer

model wearing a pinstriped oversized blazer

The oversized trend has blown up and shows no signs of slowing down, so now is the perfect time to buy an oversized blazer as a fashion gift for a loved one. Blazers are such versatile pieces because they can work with any outfit. Throw a blazer over a casual denim and tee combo to elevate the look, or wear a complete set with a blazer and matching pants to create the ultimate workwear power suit.

If this sounds like the perfect gift for the fashion lover in your life, consider exploring our seasonal blazer collection to discover unique materials, colors, and textures. We also have a unique guide on the art of styling blazers to help your loved one find some inspo when they finally receive their gift.

3. Denim Anything

Another fashion trend that will never fade away? Denim. Classic, versatile, and comfortable — denim clothing now comes in so many colors and silhouettes that it’s an essential for every closet. In fact, denim has pretty much become a neutral, so these pieces are an ideal base for anyone with a minimalist aesthetic who wants to add subtle details to their look through texture. Shop our denim collection to find gifts for fashion lovers that will provide them with a new neutral to explore.

4. Accessories

model wearing a neutral bucket hat

Sometimes, buying a whole outfit can be a daunting task when you’re unsure about the specifics of what your friends and family prefer. If this sounds like you, accessories are a great place to start. Consider hats, sunglasses, jewelry, bags, scarves, and so much more as gifts for fashion lovers to complement outfits you already know they own.

If you know they’ve been hunting for something specific, like an animal print bucket hat to complement a certain set, find it for them in our collection.

5. Gift Cards

If you’re looking at our store and seeing so many things your fashion lover friend will fall head over heels for, it’s time to hand them the power to shop with us. The best fashion gift is often a gift card that allows your fashion-forward loved one to make their own decisions.

Our gift cards are available in denominations of $100, and you can add as many as you want to your bag for delivery through email. You can email the cards to yourself and forward them to the recipient when the time is right or fill in their email address during checkout so they get the gift right away.

Shop Crescent

If you’re still not sure about the right gift for the fashion lover in your life, it might be time to get a few hints from them directly. Show them some items from our store that you’re considering for yourself and see what they point out as pieces they love. Now, you’ll definitely know what to add to your cart any time you need a gift for them. 

Choose Crescent as your number-one shop when you need fashion gifts, and discover all the perks of shopping with us, including free shipping over $75, flat-rate shipping on smaller orders, and simple returns and exchanges. Sign up for our newsletter, too, to be the first to find out about special deals and sales.

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