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model wearing an ivory sweater with rust pants

Crescent’s Guide on How to Style Sweaters

It’s only natural to gravitate to your favorite sweater outfit frequently in the fall. You know it looks great, and it keeps you so cozy. But what about trying out a few new sweater styles to ensure you’re creating unique looks? At Crescent, we’re here to show you how to style sweaters in new ways. Read on to learn more about what we would do with these essential cold-weather staples!

1. Sweater in Monochrome

Since we’re all about minimalism, monochrome is one of our must-have sweater styling options. We love how elegant and sophisticated you can look when your entire outfit is one hue – especially if you manage to showcase a few different layers in some chic shades. Create something plush yet refined with a sweater and cardigan combo. Play with texture and cut instead of color here.

Try out a mock neck sweater with a kimono cardigan or a classic v-neck sweater with a duster. For winter, our go-to colors are cream, ivory, and grey for neutrals or navy and black if you want something a little bolder. How you style the sweater with pants could go either way. We prefer high-waist wide-leg trousers, but you can also opt for a midi-length faux leather skirt.

2. Throwback Styles

model wearing an abstract print black and white sweater

Going retro has always been a popular way to create unique classic looks with a modern twist. So it’s no secret that the 90s are back for everyone. If you want to join in on styles from a few decades ago, how you style a sweater is key. You want to feel current but still have some throwback vibes to reminisce on the best of the decade.

Wondering how to wear this sweater style? We recommend layering with a more fitted sweater beneath a camisole or jumper dress. Wear anything that’s a little strappier on top that will showcase the sweater underneath! Consider a mini or midi length with tights to ensure the entire vibe is right. You might also want to consider some high-waisted, slimmed cargo pants to carry in that 90s energy too! You can add a little definition with a cinched waist and layer up with a jacket that won’t look too bulky over a slim sweater silhouette.

3. Layering in Faux

Layering with sweaters can be a little bulky, but with faux layering, you’re creating the illusion of layers without actually getting too hot. Not sure how to style this type of sweater? We suggest considering a sweater that has two textiles – maybe one with a faux collar or a tunic-style piece that has a built-in tail in a different material. With an alternate material peeking through, it looks like you have a chic blouse underneath your sweater top.

Let your sweater be the star here, and wear simple black bottoms or jeans to keep your look streamlined and sophisticated.

4. Faux Sweaters

model wearing a grey sweater vest

You don’t have to wear an actual sweater top to learn how to style a sweater. Plenty of other clothing is made with sweater material, so you can keep your fashion fresh and your layers light. Check out how to wear a sweater without the sweater!

Sweater Vests

A sweater vest focuses on keeping the essentials warm while allowing some of your lower layers to shine through. On truly cold days, you can wear a sweater vest over an actual slim-fit sweater, but in fall transitional weather, you can wear your vest over a long-sleeve blouse or button-up shirt.

Sweater Dresses

The sweater dress is one of our favorite ways to learn how to style a sweater. Many times, it’s the only piece you need for a cohesive look. Don’t think about layering on anything other than a long coat and throwing on your favorite boots. If you have a tendency to get a bit cold, consider leggings or tights as your layer underneath.

Cropped Sweaters

With cropped sweaters paired with high-waisted bottoms, you aren’t showing too much skin, and you’re accentuating your waist without letting in the cold air. Layer with a cardigan to stay even warmer!

Head Into Sweater Weather With Confidence

Now that you know how to style a sweater with a little more elegance and fashion sense, you can avoid looking too relaxed or overly bulky when you put on your favorite piece. If you feel like you need to expand your sweater collection because your pieces are pilling, fraying, or thinning, Crescent can help! Our stunning seasonal styles offer you beautiful silhouettes that take classic designs and apply a modern twist with subtle necklines and unusual details. Browse our new arrivals today to find the styles of the season.

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