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model wearing a camel cardigan

Luxurious Layers: 6 of Our Favorite Layerable Pieces

Layering is often a necessity for cooler weather. From fall through winter, you’ll need to prepare with blouses, vests, and jackets that all blend together seamlessly to keep you feeling warm. As you explore your layering options, you may also struggle with finding prints, patterns, and colors that work well together.

When it comes to layering, Crescent is here with expert advice. Our layering essentials for the cooler months include a selection of tops that are all designed to work together to ensure you can create a chic, minimalist ensemble with nearly any of our pieces. Check out some of our favorite layering basics to start building a wardrobe that makes layers a breeze!

1. Knit Tank Tops

model wearing an oatmeal knit tank top

A lightweight knit tank top is a great choice for your first layer of clothing. It’s ideal for both cooler and warmer weather, as the fabric provides a bit more insulation while the cut can deliver an airy feel. We love our split knit tank for this layer, as the crew-cut neckline and elongated tunic silhouette are sophisticated and elegant, while the split sides add an interesting detail that’s a little more playful and fun. This top is the perfect balance of beauty, comfort, and functionality.

We recommend this layering essential under a cardigan or blazer with a peacoat or trench as the final touch. We would also opt to wear this fitted shape with a mid-to-high waist pant.

2. Sleeveless Turtlenecks

Another must-have layering essential on our list is the sleeveless turtleneck. Similar to the knit top, a turtleneck is an optimal fabric and style for cooler weather. The high neck and knit material will protect you from wind and cold without the need for a scarf. Then, when you head indoors, you can shrug off your outer jacket and sweater layers to reveal your arms and bask in the inside heat. 

We wear our sleeveless knit turtleneck with either jeans or tailored slacks, as it’s a versatile piece that works for any occasion or event. So whether it’s an after-work happy hour or a casual day of running errands, this layering basic delivers the style and vibe you want.

3. Sweater Vests

model wearing a layered sweater vest

Once you’ve chosen the first layer, you may want to take a look at a mid-layer to help keep you even warmer than just a coat can provide. A sweater vest could be a perfect choice, as it lets you double up on two thinner essential layers to keep your silhouette svelte. 

Our modern sweater vest styles play with everything you take for granted about the original traditional cut. They’re playful, feminine, and completely unique. Explore deep v-necklines, side ties, and even structured tailoring. With a vest that’s as refined and sophisticated as ours, you don’t have to worry about looking shabby and rumpled! Wear your oversized vest with a crisp white button-up for an effortlessly chic outfit.

4. Sleeveless Sweaters

Similar to a sweater vest, the sleeveless sweater is also a mid-layering basic. One of our favorite essential layers is an ultra-soft sleeveless piece with a polo collar neckline and a front pocket detail that stands out within the intentionally oversized silhouette. The stretchy knit material is the coziest option for winter and fall, while the sleeveless cut means you can wear this on transitional days when you need to accommodate both warm and cool temperatures.

5. Wrap Blazers

beige wrap blazer layered outfit

Whether a blazer is your final layer or the second to last piece before your overcoat, it should still be a thoughtful addition to your essential layering construction. We prefer keeping our blazers as neutral as possible with black, beige, and light blue options that can complement or contrast with your other basic layering style.

Blazers are also an ideal top layer because they can elevate even the most casual skirts or jeans into something a little dressier. You can enhance your look even more with a double-breasted version that has a boxier fit with welted pockets, shoulder pads, and notched lapels.

6. Cardigan Sets

Our final layering essential is the cardigan set. For those that want to avoid looking overly polished and rigid, a cardigan is an ideal choice instead of a blazer or coat. At Crescent, we have a series of knit cardigan sets that will actually take care of two parts of your layering build. With our sets, you get a cropped tank that goes perfectly with high-waisted pants and a matching cardigan that envelops you in comfort and warmth.

Find a set that matches your silhouette preference for fitted, relaxed, or oversized cuts and design the look of your dreams for the office, date night, and anything else!

Building Your Wardrobe

At Crescent, we believe in building seasonally appropriate wardrobes that will last you for years. With versatile, transitional pieces, you can seamlessly move from fall to winter to spring and summer effortlessly. As you browse our layering essentials, you might find you already have most of these pieces in your wardrobe. However, if there are any that you don’t have that would significantly enhance your weekly lineup, add them to your cart before they leave our store for good!

If you’re looking for even more advice and guidance, our blog has tons of articles that explore all things minimalist fashion. Check out our overviews of eco-friendly fashion, capsule wardrobes, and more today!

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