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model wearing khaki-colored puffer wrap coat

5 Essential Jacket Styles Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

When you’re trying to keep your wardrobe minimalist but your outfit options maximalist, it’s time to learn about the essential jacket styles you need to have in your closet. We have a selection of tried and true jackets that you can mix and match with your outfits all season long. Check out must-have jacket styles at Crescent.

1. Wool Jacket

model wearing a brick red vegan wool coat

The wool jacket or coat is definitely a must-have. This is probably one of the warmest pieces in your closet and works well in several silhouettes. Whether you opt for a longer hemline or you keep it cropped at the hips, a wool coat with a collar and a few buttons is refined and sophisticated. You can wear it to work, school, or casual events – especially when you choose a neutral color that goes with everything.

You can also make your wool jacket the star of every look with a bold color choice that eclipses every other layer in rust hues, green shades, or blue tints.

2. Puffer Coat

We’ve taken the style-less puffer coat of the 90s and streamlined it with a new silhouette to fit a more contemporary ensemble. With the same signature diamond stitched pattern and ultra-warm down stuffing, you can luxuriate in the warmth of a puffer without all that added puff. Make the slim puffer coat an essential jacket in your wardrobe, and discover how well the texture blends with a turtleneck knit and vegan leather pants!

Our puffer coats offer even more definition to accentuate your waist with belted and cinched waist details, as well as cropped styles that stop just below your ribs.

3. Trench Coat

model wearing a khaki-colored long trench coat

A trench coat is one of those signature military men’s styles that women have co-opted and transformed with a few little changes. We love having a trench among our essential jacket collection because it emanates power and strength. Many people still subconsciously associate the lapels, length, and button details with officers and other people in charge.

As one of our essential coats over cold-weather outfits, we’ve added a few twists to the design that will make you stand out even more, including exaggerated storm flaps, patterned inner lining, wide sleeve cuffs, and sleeve straps. While some details are larger than life, others sneak up on you to develop a cohesive design that brings the trench into the 21st century.

4. Blazer

Many people consider the blazer a secondary layer that goes under a final piece of outerwear. We feel that layering in this way is bulky and uncomfortable, so we’ve designed blazers that are specifically meant to be worn as outerwear. Make your blazer the most essential jacket for your workwear wardrobe when you opt for cold-weather materials like wool, corduroy, and velvet. There’s no way the winter wind is cutting through this essential coat when you’re wrapped in these plush textiles!

5. Cardigan Duster

You might dismiss the cardigan as a must-have jacket in the same way that you didn’t consider the blazer a piece of winter outerwear. But we have news for you! When you change textures and textiles for your cardigans and extend the length so they reach below your knees, you have a trench coat without all the stiffness and formality. 

Keep your look casual and soft with a refined cardigan duster in a warm wool blend or fluffy teddy coat. This essential jacket in a neutral with monochrome pants and a mock turtleneck is a dream!

Crescent for Style

Whether it’s jacket or workwear must-haves, Crescent is here for all your style needs. So shop our newest arrivals to bolster your seasonal wardrobe, or check out our blog for new ways to style old favorites. Browse the entire store to ensure you don’t miss out on anything!

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