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 blue wide-leg pant set

Crescent’s Ultimate Guide: How to Style Wide-Leg Pants

The term “wide-leg pants” can describe a number of loose fits and silhouettes. From paper-bag designs to palazzo styles, wide-leg pants come in many shapes and forms. At Crescent, most of our wide-leg pants are high-waisted with a structured, minimalist shape that showcases subtle details to keep your pants versatile enough for any occasion.

If you love our pants, but you don’t know exactly how to style wide-leg pants, we’re here to help! Explore our blog to learn what to wear with wide-leg trousers for work, play, and everything in between.

1. For Work

You’re heading into the office for a big meeting, and you want to wear your wide-leg trousers. The easiest thing to do is pair them with a matching blazer. You can opt to go with a cropped blazer and show off the entire line of your leg or wear a looser, oversized silhouette that creates a slouchier, more casual vibe.

We recommend keeping your blouse as simple as possible with a neutral-toned tank for warmer days or a textured knit turtleneck for cooler weather. But you still have a lot of options in how you style your wide-leg pants. We love contrasting the colors in your blazer set with your top, so consider pairing black or navy sets with a lighter blouse and beige or cream sets with a darker top.

Finally, you can finish off your look with flats for more comfort or closed-toe heels for an elevated look.

2. For Casual Days

how to style white wide-leg pants

You want to wear wide-leg pants, but you’re not going to a formal event or to the office, so you need to keep your ensemble pretty casual. How you style your wide-leg pants will determine whether you look relaxed and casual or high-powered and professional. Check out two ways to keep your style a little more laid back with these Crescent recommendations.

Breezy Fit

The breezy fit means keeping both your top and bottom loose and flowing. If you’re wondering what to wear with a wide-leg trouser that’s nice and roomy, consider an oversized button-up or split-side tunic. If you are worried about your outfit being too flowy, you can accentuate your waist by adding a belt or choosing an oversized piece that’s cropped above the waist.

Before walking out the door, throw on a pair of sandals or booties to really hone in on that casual energy.

Contrast Fit

Even though you’re trying to keep your ensemble relaxed, you can still wear something a little edgier on top to create a contrast fit that plays with proportion. How you style your wide-leg pants like this is with a corset-style or fitted top. We love a fitted top with unique details, like a one-shoulder cut, textured fabric, or unusual shoulder shape, to ensure you stand out.

Keep your footwear casual, too, with sandal flats or strappy block wedges that give you height without compromising on comfort.

3. For Formal Events

When it comes to formal events, you’ll be wearing your wide-leg pants with a slightly different style than you would for professional atmospheres. While your workwear might be formal, it’s not quite what you want for a wedding or gala. So how do you style wide-leg pants for these kinds of events?

First and foremost, you need to consider the material of your wide-leg pants. Skip out on relaxed fabrics like cotton or linen. You want to match the style of the event with something that has an elevated look and feel, like gabardine, twill, cupro, or satin. Make sure your pants are tailored to hug your waist and drape over your hips in a feminine, elegant way.

Now, on to the top. How you style your wide-leg pants for formal events really does rest on what you do with the blouse. When it’s time to choose a top, we want you to think of your favorite style from other formal events. Tops with interesting features, like a cold shoulder or cut-out details, could elevate your look, as well as shimmery fabrics and bright colors.

Of course, you’ll want to make your outfit a true showstopper with a pair of high heels and some dazzling jewelry. If you keep your blouse and pant set simple, you can add diamonds and other gemstones. But if you’ve chosen a top that really stands out, enhance your look with something a little more subtle, like a sleek geometric gold set.

Versatile Style

beige wide-leg pants and vest set

Odds are, there’s already something in your closet that would pair perfectly with some wide-leg pants. If you can find at least two or three blouses that work with the same pair of pants for professional, casual, and formal events, you have a match made in heaven. You won’t have to worry about how to style your wide-leg pants because you’ve already figured out what your options are!

Find Inspiration

Still not sure what to wear with wide-leg trousers? Our team is always here to help with style tips and support. Check out our blog for even more inspiration!

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