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elevated brown button-up shirt

Elevated Basics: Choosing Classics That Feature an Interesting Twist

Having versatile clothing that you can mix and match with nearly anything is critical to a capsule wardrobe. You need more flexibility out of each piece without compromising on interesting style to ensure you have something new to wear every day. At Crescent, we believe in taking the classic silhouettes that make up your wardrobe essentials and making them a little more unique with unexpected details and twists.

Are you ready to explore how we style your classic go-to options? Discover which elevated basics we recommend for your closet to ensure you’re ready for anything!

1. Cropped Sweaters

Chic, casual, and effortless, cropped tops exude a relaxed, laidback energy that you want in an outfit. At Crescent, we believe that cropped tops are not just for days at the beach! You can pair a cropped sweater with a pair of high-waisted pants to create a fun date night look. Or, wear your cropped sweater with some mid-rise jeans before heading out for a day of errands. With the soft, loose material of a sweater in a cropped silhouette, you’re opting for an unpredictable style that makes everyone look twice with this elevated basic!

2. Mixed Material Blouses

mixed material color blocked button-up

What do you get when you blend suede and leather into one button-up shirt? A totally unique elevated basic that you won’t find anywhere else. Everyone knows that a button-up shirt is a classic design for both men and women. You’ve probably even seen other attempts to make this essential more interesting, like oversized silhouettes, unique button details, added pockets, and more. But mixing two different materials into one shirt is on another level! With this piece among your elevated essential clothing, you’ll look anything but basic.

3.Button-Ups with Cut-Outs

We’ve talked about different ways to enhance button-up shirts, but here’s one we haven’t mentioned yet – cut-outs. Some of our styles take the button-up cut and transform it with cut-out areas. You might see an oversized Tencel-blend button-up with a storm flap and back cutout or even a fitted cotton-blend button-up with an off-the-shoulder cut. With a fresh take on an old favorite, you have an elevated basic that’s way more compelling than the original.

4. Oversized Silhouettes

Wearing oversized clothing is so much more than just buying an extra large instead of a medium. With an oversized silhouette, there’s precise tailoring that ensures you aren’t swamped in too much fabric and a shapeless style. We love the oversized look because it adds more dimension and movement to elevate your basics.

At Crescent, we focus our oversized tailoring for tops and outerwear, like sweaters, blazers, and jackets. Choose a few of these for your wardrobe and play with fit and form, blending loose and tight silhouettes for more visual interest.

5. Masculine Styles with Feminine Tailoring

women’s black suit vest

One of our favorite ways to elevate basics is with a feminine twist on traditionally masculine styles. Whether it’s a utility jumpsuit, work blazer, or a vest from a three-piece suit, we take them and redesign their silhouette for the female form. For example, we might cinch in the waist of a jumpsuit with a belt, taper the legs for a longer, leaner look, and narrow the lapels of a collar to better suit your shape. Similarly, with vests, we increase the v-cut of the neckline, cinch the waist, and swap out subtle buttons for more exaggerated details.

With these small changes, we completely transform an elevated clothing essential into something that highlights your best assets.

6. Color Blocking

The last way we like to elevate basics is with color blocking. You can take even the most basic dress or t-shirt and transform it completely with a little creative coloring. We apply seasonal color choices to everyone’s favorite styles, like cream and grey for winter and burgundy and brown for fall.

Style Advice at Crescent

color-blocked leather dress

Now that you know how we elevate basics to make them more sophisticated, you can add the styles you love to your wardrobe and revive your clothing options with classic designs that have an upscale twist.

If you’re looking for even more fashion inspiration and advice, Crescent is always here to help with in-depth blogs that explore contemporary trends. Check out our articles online today to discover fresh takes on style essentials.

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