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button-up and midi skirt

Foolproof Summer to Fall Transitional Outfits

While in some places, autumn weather hits hard and fast, with temperatures dropping almost instantly, other areas have a wavering fall that oscillates between breezy, brisk days and summer-like moments. No matter where you live, there is some variation between temperatures in the time between summer and autumn. If you want to be prepared, you’ll need to explore some summer to fall transitional outfits that are appropriate for any situation the season could throw at you.

At Crescent, we’re here to guide you in all things fashion. Whether it’s creating transitional ensembles from day to night or versatile summer to fall outfits, we’re here to help. Browse a few of our top ideas here to find casual, professional, and chic looks for the entire season.

1. Button-Up & Mini Skirt

One of our absolute favorite transitional outfits is the button-up shirt and mini skirt. There are just so many ways to make this look work! There are endless ways to style your button-up and tons of skirts that you can mix and match with the same top to create new outfits every day. Try it out with a buttoned mini one day, a wrapped maxi another, and a midi with a slit the next for yet an additional fresh look.

Our recommendation is to choose a button-up that’s a neutral hue to ensure you can pair it with as many skirts as possible. Whether you prefer lighter neutrals like grey, beige, and white or darker neutrals like navy and black, your shirt is the base for this outfit.

As a summer to fall transitional outfit, we pair this look with boots to ensure you’re a little warmer than you would be with sandals. You can also throw on a hat to shade your eyes if the sun is still blazing.

2. Loose Blouse & Wide-Leg Pants

model wearing blue blouse with wide-leg bottoms

Another of our preferred summer to fall outfit is the loose blouse with a wide-leg pant. The relaxed fit of these silhouettes can create a sophisticated ensemble – especially when paired with heeled booties and a belt to accentuate your waist.

For this summer to fall transitional outfit, there are a few different ways you can make it season-appropriate. For one, consider the materials. Skip out on linen in favor of cotton or polyester, as these are more fall-centric. You should also think about the colors you choose here. Bright gem tones are more of a summer vibe, while deeper earth tones will bring you into autumn territory. On really cool days, this outfit becomes the perfect vehicle for layering, as you can throw on a blazer or knit vest to keep warm when the sun sets.

3. Sweater & Skirt

It’s time for an outfit that really highlights the change in weather with a two-piece that’s evenly split between temperatures. There’s no doubt that sweaters are for cold days and skirts are for warm ones, so combine the two to create an iconic summer to fall transitional outfit.

When putting together this look, we recommend mixing materials for a little bit of added interest. A thick cable knit with a pleated or denim skirt offers enough visual interest that you don’t need to resort to contrasting colors. We also prefer this summer to fall outfit with a longer skirt that keeps the breezes away from your legs. If you feel like you just have to wear a mini skirt with your sweater, we suggest tall boots to maintain your warmth.

4. Prints & Textured Tops

model wearing a knit top with white shorts

While we don’t typically wear tons of printed styles, we love having a few patterned options in our repertoire – especially for summer to fall transitional outfits. When it comes to summer prints, you’re probably flooded with cheerful polka dots, animal prints, and florals, but autumn prints usually veer towards subdued plaid, stripes, and color blocking. To combine the two styles together into one, we usually try to find summer patterns in fall colors, pairing them with jeans to keep your look neutral. You can also find knits in floral patterns that use texture to make the design!

Create an elevated look here with a printed blouse (not a tee), as well as raw hem jeans that exude a little more sophistication than just your regular old denim styles. Completing your look with booties and a hat definitely makes this more of an autumn look with just a hint of summer flair.

5. A Knit Set

At Crescent, we love sets. When it comes to the perfect set for your summer to fall transitional outfit, we’d go with a knit two-piece with a playful silhouette – like a button-up cardigan with a midi skirt that has a slit up the side! Our collections even include layered, three-piece sets with a cardigan, cropped top, and skirt in a variety of autumnal tones, like olive, black, and brown.

Crescent for Transitional Weather

From summer to fall transitional outfits to winter to spring ensemble ideas, we have all the guides you need to get through the year totally on-trend. Browse our blog for inspiration and advice, and check out our newest arrivals to find everything you need to round out your capsule wardrobe for any season.

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