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a white minimalist mini dress for summer

Our Favorite Minimalist Summer Outfit Ideas

As you transition over to a more minimalist summer wardrobe, you may find that you feel constrained by the number of clothing options you have. You have a capsule wardrobe that’s kept everything basic and neutral, so how do you create unique outfits for every day? If you’re struggling to come up with fun, minimalist summer outfits, Crescent is here to help. Even though these outfit ideas are simple, they still have a sleek charm and creative perspective. Check out this list of our favorite summer outfit ideas to inspire you!

1. Flowy Dress & Mules

A pair of basic black mules are a great option for any season – even summer. They’re flat, comfortable, and closed-toed, so you can wear them for any occasion. Pair your mules with a midi or mini dress that has a loose-fitting silhouette, and you’re ready to go! We’re big fans of pairing black with white, so balance your black shoes with a lightweight white dress to beat the summer heat and look chic all at the same time. Every minimalist summer wardrobe should have a basic white dress, so you’re not even going out of your way to create this ensemble.

2. Jumpsuit & Tee 

olive overalls with white tee

We love overalls and jumpsuits for summer because they’re just as simple to style as dresses, but they offer more versatility for potentially active occasions. If you’re wearing a jumpsuit with thin straps or a very low neckline, we recommend pairing it with a basic tee or tank top from your minimalist summer wardrobe to complete your look.

Overalls are an excellent way to keep your entire outfit simple. When you style overalls with a tee and slide sandals, you’re exuding an effortless look while staying comfortable all day long. Choose overalls made of cotton instead of denim for a breezier material that is better suited for the summer heat.

3. Oversized Button-Up & Shorts

There’s just something so intriguing about oversized pieces. For summer, opt for an oversized button-up and pair it with shorts. You don’t need to accessorize with any jewelry or belts – simply grab your favorite bag or tote, and you’ll be ready for everything from lunch dates to running errands.

Because an oversized button-up can be a little more on the workwear side, we recommend you style it with a casual handbag in brown for a laid-back ensemble that doesn’t feel too professional. Match your purse to your shoes for a minimalist summer outfit that’s both relaxed and put-together.

4. Crop & Flare

minimalist all-white three-piece set

As you’re diving into your minimalist summer wardrobe, don’t forget that pants are still a good option for warmer days. Create a super cute, all-white outfit when you match a top with a pair of cropped, flared trousers. We love the monochrome look to deliver the ultimate minimalist summer style!

All-white is one of our favorite options for minimalist summer outfits because it keeps you cool no matter what you’re wearing. You can recreate this outfit with so many different pieces, including a blouse and shorts or a blazer and wide-leg pants!

5. Summer Knits & Shorts

We love summer knit tops to pair with trouser-style shorts for a refined look that can be styled with so many other pieces. Whether you pair your shorts with a knit tank or sleeveless top, you’re still exuding a carefree, laid-back attitude.

Not sure which shorts are best? Consider Bermuda shorts! This style of pants is a classic that is regaining some of its former popularity. Add them to your minimalist summer wardrobe and wear them for spring, summer, and fall as the perfect transitional piece – and a chic alternative to denim shorts.

6. Tank, Pants, & Hat

white tank with green cut-off trousers

We love the look of cropped wide-leg pants, also known as culottes, as the base for any summertime look. They’re versatile, elegant, and cute! Whether you’re heading to the beach, going on a shopping trip, or meeting the girls for brunch, you might find yourself wanting to wear these pants every single day!

You can style this minimalist summer wardrobe essential with a tank and a sun hat for an easy summer look that defines what it means to be effortless.

7. Tunic & Jeans

An oversized tunic is an ideal choice on a hot day. The styling opportunities are nearly endless! Wear your tunic with jeans, as a dress, or even as a coverup over your bathing suit. We like to pair this look with some skinny jeans and our cutest pair of sandals before heading out the door. Keep your style simple, and this minimalist summer wardrobe essential will become your go-to choice for the season.

8. Blazer & Shorts Set

olive blazer and shorts set

The last thing you might want to consider for your minimalist summer wardrobe is a set. Instead of agonizing over which top pairs best with which bottom, you have a ready-made two-piece look that’s ready to go! Coordinating sets are a totally effortless trend that we hope stays around forever.

Finding Your Next Look

With all of these minimalist summer outfit ideas, you should have your ensembles already planned out for the entire week! Use our suggestions as style inspo that will have you creating your own outfits in no time. If you need any additional guidance, you can explore our blog for more ideas, check out our social media, or reach out to our friendly customer service representatives any time!

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