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model wearing a mustard sweater with a zebra skirt

Foolproof Ways to Style a Skirt

If you’re looking to incorporate more skirt outfits into your wardrobe, but you’re looking for inspiration, we have some ideas for you! Check out our recommendations for some of our favorite foolproof ways to style skirts.

Types of Skirts

At Crescent, we have a huge collection of skirts in a variety of materials, different hemlines, and unique details. Learn more about the types of skirts you can expect to see in our collection so you know how to style skirts to match your favorite tops.

  • A-Line: This skirt style is fitted at the waist and flares slightly as it extends to the hem.
  • Asymmetrical: A skirt that isn’t even on both sides, either in length or details.
  • Broomstick: Skirts with a narrow waist, flared shape, and pleats or ruffles.
  • Mini: This style refers to the length of the skirt with a hem above the knee.
  • Midi: When the hem of the skirt falls between the knee and the ankle.
  • Maxi: The length of this skirt is typically floor or ankle-length.
  • Pencil: A form-fitting silhouette from hip to hem that may have a slit for movement.
  • Straight: A skirt that doesn’t flare at all – it has a rectangle shape from hip to hem.
  • Wraparound: A skirt that you wrap around and usually tie or button at the waist.

How to Wear These Skirt Styles

model wearing a fringe skirt with a cream top

Some of our favorite ways to style skirts include using accessories, layering techniques, and playing with contrasting textures, hemlines, and fits. Explore how we style our skirts with these tips and try them out for yourself.


Your accessories are the ideal way to elevate a minimalist ensemble with a hint of subtle style. If your skirt doesn’t have a belt, consider adding one to accentuate your waist and create a more flattering fit. You may also want to consider how your shoes, jewelry, and headwear change your skirt’s aesthetic. 

Are you wearing a midi skirt with a bit of fringe? Cowboy boots and a wide belt definitely bring in a Southwestern vibe, while suede booties and gold jewelry make this look about urban style instead. You really want to pay attention to your shoes because the right pair could elevate your look, and the wrong pair can bring it down. Is your skirt ultra-casual with a broomstick fit and lightweight fabric? Sandals, open-toed heels, and booties are the way to go. If you’re wearing something short, mini, or flared, on the other hand, how you style your skirt will definitely look better in ankle or knee-high boots.


model wearing a vegan leather skirt

Whether you choose to wear a blazer over your skirt for a classic look or you’re planning for cold weather with tights, long sleeves, and a trench coat, layering changes a lot about how you style your skirt. A looser jacket or cardigan could complement your skirt – especially if you’re wearing a fitted top. We also recommend having a small selection of tights and leggings to ensure you can keep wearing your skirts all winter long. And your tights don’t have to be black either! Try beige, navy, or brown tights that add visual interest to plaid and houndstooth patterns, as well as corduroy and suede textures.

When it comes to layering your tops and how you style your skirt, you have a few options as well. You can go fitted with a bodysuit or cropped top, or you can tuck a looser blouse to accentuate your waist. At Crescent, we have cropped tops as well as linen blouses and sleeveless options for summer.


Balancing your outfit is key when you’re learning how to wear a skirt. With slim and oversized silhouettes everywhere in modern fashion, finding contrast and structure can be a complicated endeavor. You can opt for slouchy oversized skirts, tops, and jackets all in one, but we prefer blending fitted and looser pieces to ensure visual appeal, comfort, and exciting design.

Fitted tops with flowing skirts or ruffled blouses with pencil silhouettes can all help you find balance and effortless style with how you style a skirt. You should also explore contrasting colors and textures, like knits and leather or tweed and satin.

Start Experimenting

model wearing a vegan leather mini skirt

At Crescent, we want you to explore something new and unique that keeps your style fresh without having to completely overhaul your wardrobe. Try out our advice for how to style skirts to discover what works best with what you already have. And if one of your skirts needs updating, we’re here to help with chic seasonal styles. Explore our essentials today to find everything you need to keep your wardrobe up to date.

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