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woman wearing oversized blouse

How to Style Oversized Outfits

It’s a common misconception that oversized styles are simply scaled-up versions of the original. In the fashion world, oversized tops, blazers, and dresses have their own distinct structure that ensures a sophisticated look that doesn’t overwhelm your body. If you’re wondering how to style oversized outfits, you have to start with appropriately designed pieces ─ not just any extra-large shirt. Learn more about the oversized clothing trend and how Crescent’s pieces can enhance and elevate your look.

Types of Oversized Clothing

There are many oversized outfits you can create using intentionally designed large pieces that still fit you just right. Some of the most common outsized clothing choices may include:

Choose your favorites and explore our styling recommendations to master the art of styling oversized shirts and other pieces.

Tips for Styling Oversized Outfits

woman wearing a brown oversized fuzzy cardigan woman wearing oversized pant and vest outfit woman wearing an oversized boyfriend blazer

Whether you’ve chosen boyfriend jeans or an oversized sweater, there are a few key tips to appropriately styling oversized shirts, pants, and dresses.

1. Defining Your Waist

While you can’t always define your waist with every oversized piece, if you can, you should. Consider a wide-leg pant that you can wear with a cropped top to accentuate your waistline. You can also belt an oversized dress under a large duster cardigan to highlight your curves without losing that slouchy look. The easiest way to create a waist is simply tucking or half tucking in your shirts for a little more definition in your ensemble.

2. Finding Balance

Many people try wearing oversized outfits only to find that their outfit does not look balanced or intentional. The key here is to offset your oversized choice of clothing with more fitted pieces. If you choose to wear an oversized top, balance the look with skinny jeans or other fitted bottoms. Likewise, with oversized and wide-leg pants, opt for well-fitted tops to find the balance you need. If you’re creating an oversized layered ensemble, choose oversized outerwear over fitted dresses or pants.

3. Using Structure

One of the most attractive things about oversized pieces is that they look effortless and relaxed. They swathe you in comfort, but can also swamp and overwhelm your body. Use more structured clothing to create shape and exude thoughtful style. Pair slouchy dresses with a constructed blazer or oversized pants with a blouse that has puffy sleeves. Laces, buttons, ties, and other similar details can provide the structure you’re looking for.

If you already have oversized pieces in your closet, it’s time to start experimenting with our oversized outfit styling tips. Feel like you’re missing a slouchy cardigan or wide-leg pant? Start shopping our newest arrivals to fill out your wardrobe.

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