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a model repeating a suit outfit with different accessories

The Art of Outfit Repeating & Why It’s a Smart Choice

Is It OK To Repeat Clothes?

Our culture has made it taboo to repeat an outfit more than once, but today’s world is looking for additional ways to be more conscious instead of following the newest fashion trends. If you’ve been wondering whether outfit repeating is right for you, Crescent has the answers about why it’s a smart choice.

In addition to reducing your carbon emissions and helping the planet thrive, wearing outfits more than once also helps you manage expenses and allows you to purchase higher-quality clothing. Clothing that’s durable enough to wear over and over again lowers the cost per wear with every repeat.

At Crescent, we’re here to empower you to wear the clothing you love and contribute to eco-friendly fashion practices.

Defining Outfit Repeating

If you’ve put together an ensemble you love, and you wear it over and over again, you’re part of the outfit repeaters club. You might think that repeated wearings will make your outfits dull and boring, but with unique accessories and updates, your look can feel fresh and new every time you wear it.

Why You Should Become an Outfit Repeater

model wearing nude pants and knit tank top

Wearing the same clothes more than once shouldn’t fill you with shame — it should fill you with pride. Discover the top reasons why it is OK to repeat clothes here.

1.It’s Eco-Friendly

Rewearing your clothing makes your closet more eco-friendly. It also allows you to pursue a minimalist capsule wardrobe lifestyle that keeps fast fashion out of landfills. When you double the amount of time you wear a certain piece, you lower the greenhouse gas emissions over the lifetime of the product.

2.Outfit Repeating is Trendy

Whether it’s Kate Middleton or Gemma Styles, you’ve probably seen the biggest celebrities wearing their favorite looks on repeat. Join their ranks when you create capsule collections with must-have essentials you love wearing.

3.Save More Time

closet basics for easy outfit repeating

When you’re a woman on the go, you don’t always have time to carefully consider each look. Make getting dressed an effortless exercise with minimal staple pieces that easily mix and match with each other and with all your accessories.

4.Boost Your Confidence

You already know which outfits make you feel good and enhance your confidence. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing an ensemble for the second or millionth time — it’s still as sophisticated and refined as it was when you wore it the first time.

5.Budget Better

Fast fashion brands can launch over 52 micro-seasons in a single year — making newness that much more expensive. Skip out on throwing away clothes that are still wearable and budget your fashion expenses to allow for higher quality purchases.

Instead of stocking your closet with showstoppers that go out of style in a single micro-season, add staple classics that make outfit repeating easier. Opt for traditional silhouettes with subtle contemporary details for base capsule wardrobes that work for every season.

6.Nobody Will Know

model wearing a beige dress with hat

People pay far more attention to the energy you exude in a certain outfit than to the details themselves. Nobody will notice that you’re wearing the same thing twice — except for maybe your best friend who wants to borrow a particular piece.

Refreshing Repeat Outfits

There are many ways to ensure outfit repeating doesn’t get boring. From unique accessories, like a hat or scarf, to getting creative with the way you tie your shirt or cuff your shorts, small details make a difference. Style everything from wide-leg pants to button-up blouses a little differently each time.

Our blog is full of ideas and recommendations for wearing the same pieces in different ways. Make sure you explore our articles for unique guides that will inspire variations on all your seasonal favorites.

Become a Repeater

Outfit repeating is for more than just the perfect outfit or showstopping piece. While you want to develop the best ensembles for repeat wears, it’s OK to mix and match even basic wardrobe staples on casual days.

With Crescent’s thoughtful designs and ultra-wearable pieces, you won’t be at a loss for finding looks you’ll want to wear for years to come. Shop our collection and start building your repeater wardrobe today.

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