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model wearing a pink wrap mini dress

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding: Crescent’s Ultimate Guide

Spring weddings are a unique experience for guests and hosts alike, as this season indicates the return of color, life, and energy. The days are getting longer, and flowers are starting to bloom. So what does this mean for wedding guest attire?

Typically, spring wedding guest outfit ideas channel the themes of the season with airy materials, bright colors, and playful prints. You might consider exploring unique silhouettes with frills, folds, and cut-outs to welcome the warmth and romance of spring. Many times, spring weddings are also slightly less formal than other seasons, and you have more freedom to wear shorter hemlines or bold hues.

Lastly, what to wear to a spring wedding also depends on your location and the weather. If springs in your area are still transitional with wet and chilly vibes, you may not want to let go of those warmer fabrics. However, spring in warmer climates may have you breaking out the mini skirts and sandals. So if you’re wondering what type of outfit to wear for an upcoming spring wedding, check out our top recommendations for chic, modern attire!

1.Short & Colorful

model wearing a red mini dress for spring weddings

We mentioned shorter hemlines and vivid colors, so a poppy-colored mini-dress could be the perfect choice for warmer, informal weddings. Check out dresses with sweetheart necklines and spaghetti straps to ensure you stay cool during outdoor weddings. You might also want to find dresses with pockets so you can keep all your essentials close without having to bring an entire purse.

If you’re wondering what to wear to a spring wedding that’s going to last until late into the night, we recommend you bring along some light outerwear to accommodate the cooling evening. Pair your dress with a gold necklace and a few stacked rings to elevate the look.

2.Satin & Subtle

model wearing a sky blue spring wedding guest dress

We’ve provided a bold option of what to wear to spring weddings, but what about something a little more minimalist and subdued? In addition to bright colors, many people love introducing soft pastels into their spring wardrobe. We couldn’t agree more with this spring wedding guest outfit idea — especially in a silky, flowing material like a loose-fitting satin!

We say keep the silhouette simple with a slip-like shape that’s enhanced with subtle details, like a slit or textured stitching. You can make your slip dress a little more formal with sky-high heels and sparkling jewelry. Wear this outfit for a beach wedding that guarantees you’ll fit right in with the surf and sand!

3.Lifted & Luxurious

model wearing a black dress for a spring wedding

If you want understated elegance to be the central theme of your look, we love something in black that won’t clash with anyone’s color scheme. Wondering what accessories to wear to a spring wedding with such a neutral style? You can add bright pops of color in your shoes, clutch, and jewelry to bring in the essence of spring without straying from your minimalist aesthetic.

4.Geometric & Modern

model wearing a sweater dress for spring weddings

This next look is the perfect option for anyone worried about what to wear to a spring wedding on a colder, windier day. With a textured knit fabric, you’ll enjoy a warmer material during a formal wedding without resorting to winter wear. Opting for a dress with contemporary details, like a folded neckline, midi length, or strapless silhouette will elevate your look for a formal event.

5.Powerful & Bold

model wearing a wedding guest suit

Who says dresses are your only option for what to wear to a spring wedding? At Crescent, we love taking masculine attire and transforming it with chic, feminine twists. Narrower shoulders, a deep v-neckline, and a cinched waist showcase your figure, while fitted pants create a slim silhouette that would never be mistaken for menswear.

At Crescent, you’ll find co-ord blazer sets in grey, light brown, pinstripe, and deep blue to explore a variety of options that fit in with the spring wedding on your calendar.

Create Your Own Look

What you wear to a spring wedding is truly up to you, but at Crescent, we can help you develop a sleek, minimalist ensemble that fits in anywhere. Explore our selection to find the seasonal styles of your dreams and discover the best formal and casual attire for any occasion.

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