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 layered jacket and skirt fall outfit

Effortless Fall to Winter Transitional Outfits

At Crescent, we believe that late fall and early winter are the peak seasons for fashion. You can style yourself in cozy layers without worrying about hiding your ensemble beneath a heavy coat or parka. Even better, you get to renew your love affair with sweaters and knits. From blousy knits to structured, oversized vests, Crescent combines it all to keep our seasonal style fresh, chic, and unique. Check out our recommendations for effortless fall to winter outfits and prep yourself for the season.

Rethink Your Layers

Transitional fall outfits require you to rethink the way you layer. Throw a crop top underneath your blazer with matching wide-leg pants for a chic and sophisticated look. Or, layer a blouse underneath a sweater vest for a preppy yet elevated ensemble. The only thing that should be driving the layers of your fall to winter outfits is whether you’ll be warm, but not too warm. Let your imagination run wild and play with a combination of different shapes and necklines to create silhouettes that excite you.

Print & Pattern Play

fall and winter print

Many prints and patterns fall into traditionally seasonal categories, with florals in spring and sailor stripes for summer. We believe that colors control the vibe when it comes to these prints. As long as you’re wearing a pattern in fall tones, like burgundy, navy, emerald, and earthy browns, you’re good to go! So create floral fall to winter outfits in honey, beige, coffee, and other warm seasonal tones.

Say Yes to Short Hems

Keep in mind that you can wear mini dresses and shorts throughout the fall, too! Choose these transitional fall outfit pieces with slim-fitting silhouettes that allow you to use them as inner layers and keep your bulkiness down. You can also augment these fall to winter outfits with your favorite pair of tights or slip on a turtleneck under that spaghetti strap dress you just can’t stop wearing. You can make your go-to dress an instant cold-weather piece just by throwing a collared blouse underneath!

Unique Details

fringe and cable knit dress for fall

Like colors and prints, all those structural details and final touches can really communicate which season your look is from. This fall, Crescent is exploring a number of unique elements in our dresses, coats, and tops. You’ll find our fall to winter outfits full of fringe, cable knits, quilting, color blocking, ruffles, cut-outs, and more.

Some people associate certain details with specific seasons, like ruffles for spring or cut-outs for summer. By taking these touches and applying a fall aesthetic, you get something that’s appropriate for cooler weather.

Textured Fabrics

Whether it’s faux fur, velvet, corduroy, or fleece, keep your fabrics textured to enhance your warmth and bring back a little glam into your everyday looks. Many faux furs and manufactured textiles are slightly lighter weight than their natural counterparts, making them the perfect choice for transitional fall outfits.

What other fabrics could create the perfect fall to winter outfits? Who could forget about adding chunky knits and vegan leather to your everyday wardrobe? Mix and match a variety of textures together to make every outfit a little more visually interesting and cut down on the need for heavier outerwear that you would generally need to layer over a satin blouse or silk top for the office. 

Keep Experimenting

brown on beige fall outfit

If you’re thinking up a new look but you’re not sure it will work, we say try it out anyway. Fall to winter outfits are the perfect backdrop for experimentation with new and daring styles. You’ll be able to figure out what works best for you and make a splash at the office or on a date night. Even if you regret the look, it’s easy to cover up with your favorite trench, so no one will even see that the ensemble just doesn’t cut it.

Cut-Outs & Cold Shoulders

The cold-shoulder top has been around for a while, but we believe that there are more cut-outs to be explored in your fall to winter outfits. How about a turtleneck dress with a triangle cut-out above your chest? Or a one-sleeve top that bares one entire arm? Crescent has many new designs to keep your look fresh with unexpected cut-outs that allow you to get even more playful with your transitional fall outfits.

Winter and fall shouldn’t be about covering up and hiding. Instead, stay warm while still baring some skin with thoughtful designs that deliver functional fashion for all weather!

Getting Ahead of the Season

chic cutout dress for fall

It’s time to start thinking about your transitional wardrobe! Pull out and dust off your favorite pieces for fall and winter outfits now because you might find out that you’re missing a few essentials! Fill in those gaps with new styles from Crescent and ensure you’re ready for whatever the cold weather brings.

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