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model wearing corduroy shorts

Our Ultimate Guide on How to Style Shorts

With warm weather fast approaching, you’re undoubtedly switching over your winter wardrobe to lighter-weight materials and cuts. As a wardrobe staple for several months out of the year, shorts are an essential – even in the most minimalist capsule wardrobe. Whether you’re heading out on vacation or simply living your best life at home, you’ll need shorts to ensure a casual, carefree touch for any outfit.

People are getting back outside for activities, errands, and social events. So make sure your wardrobe is ready with comfortable options and stylish selections for wherever you’re heading. If you’re wondering how to style your shorts or where you should even start, we’re here to help. From sleek and chic to comfort and carefree looks, Crescent has the inspiration you need to create tons of timeless silhouettes. Explore our shorts styling guide here to learn more.

1. Vegan Leather Shorts

leather shorts for summer

There’s nothing that says chic quite like opting for black leather. While Crescent only carries vegan leather, you can still create that sleek silhouette to add a tough edge to your ensemble. Faux leather shorts are ideal for transitional weather days where the thicker material offers additional protection against cool breezes.

How do you style leather shorts? That’s easy! We recommend opting for a high-waisted style with a fitted waistband and loose cut around your thighs. They allow in a cool breeze if you insist on wearing them on the hottest days but are sleek enough for your weekly rotation. Tuck in a tank, throw on some oversized glasses, and you’re ready to head out the door! Shoes are totally up to you – keep it casual with sneakers, amp up with energy with ankle boots, or elevate the look with kitten heels.

2. Utility Shorts

beige linen utility shorts

At Crescent, we have a special place in our hearts for utility clothing that still delivers on our fashion sensibilities. When it comes to utility shorts, it’s all about balancing fun with function. Opt for a pair of paper bag shorts in a creamy, neutral tone. Beige, brown, ivory, and caramel are perfect for maintaining a capsule wardrobe that’s easy to mix and match.

When considering how to style these shorts, choose a short-sleeve linen top, a woven bag, and an oversized sun hat to complete the look.

3. Patterned Shorts

tropical summer shorts for women

Not everything in your wardrobe has to be simple and minimalist. We love adding a couple of pieces that add a splash of life and energy to any look. Styling shorts with patterns for your everyday essentials is a great way to mix up your vibe quickly and easily. Prints are coming back in a big way with animal designs and tropical looks everywhere you turn.

When thinking of how to style shorts with patterns, we love wearing them as beachy cover-ups. Throw them over a strappy black bathing suit and sandals, or layer your look with a matching button-up shirt for a head-turning ensemble. If you’re not planning on actually heading into the water, we would top this outfit off with a few layered pieces of jewelry, like gold pendant necklaces or charm bracelets.

4. Bermuda Shorts

chic black bermuda shorts

We’re resurrecting a lot of fashion styles from previous decades, and shorts haven’t escaped this cyclical fashion trend. The 70s have come back with Bermuda shorts that offer a bit of a longer silhouette than you may be used to. Embrace the mid-thigh and knee-length cuts and elevate them with sleek lines and edgy silhouettes.

Not sure how to style these shorts? Pair your Bermuda shorts with a cropped top instead of a buttoned blouse, and add a big belt to accentuate your waist. You can slip on understated sandals for a casual look or rock something a little bolder with chunky heels.

5. Ultra Shorts

beige summer short set

Another trend that’s on its way back is the ultra-short hot pants from the same era. But instead of inflexible, non-stretch material, we’ve made these short shorts so much more comfortable than they were in the 70s. When you’re lounging around at home or just running out for a quick errand, these shorts are the comfort champions. Shop them in knit, ribbed materials that offer more breathability and flexibility than ever!

When you shop the short-short style at Crescent, you’ll find that we usually sell them as a matched set, making it easy to figure out how to style these shorts! Just wear them with the matching top and your fave clogs to walk out the door in less than five minutes.

6. Short Suits

neutral blazer short set for women

If you want to start styling shorts in a way that can take you from the office to a post-work cocktail hour, it’s time to consider the short suit! You might be thinking that shorts are not appropriate office attire, but with the loungewear trend taking hold, office environments are inviting a more casual vibe than ever before. Plus, you’re elevating your shorts with a chic blazer to ensure a structured, professional ensemble.

Dress your look up even more with a collared shirt or flowy blouse that says you’re ready to host a meeting on Zoom or in-person! How you style short suits can be a lot for your office environment, so you may want to consider layering tights or wearing flats to tone down this bold choice.

Minimalist Shorts

As always, minimalism remains a vital part of our short styling aesthetic. We embrace neutral hues and complimentary silhouettes in seasonal fabrics that make mixing and matching simple for professional and casual spaces. With these suggestions on how to style shorts, you’re ready to enter the summer season in style – confidently experimenting with new looks and ensembles. 

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